On the Prowell for the Tigers

Junior forward Quan Prowell had a slow start to his Auburn career, but is starting to heat up.

Auburn, Ala.-- At 6-8 with the athleticism to play forward or guard, Quan Prowell has the ability to create shots in the offense and also score inside and out. However, it hasn't been a simple transition for Prowell to step into the Auburn lineup and settle into his niche after transferring from Furman and missing the first 11 games this season.

"I think I feel more comfortable now," says Prowell, who scored a season-high 21 points in Auburn's 83-80 victory over Tennessee. "I don't think I'm really 100 percent comfortable, but it's a lot better than it was at the beginning.

"On the court is a lot different than off the court," he adds of the relationship with his teammates. "Off the court I'm very comfortable, but on the court it's taking a little time for us to mesh and see how each other plays and what we're like. It'll all come together."

Prowell has played in eight games and is averaging 12.3 points, but with the potential to be a big-time offensive scorer he's had to take a cautious approach with four other teammates scoring in double figures.

"He's got to score for us and be an offensive threat for us," head coach Jeff Lebo explains. "It was interesting (Wednesday) night. He usually has a quickness advantage because a bigger player plays against him and he can put it on the floor and go by. He had smaller guys on him. He'll have smaller guys on him against Mississippi State.

"I think the biggest thing for him is the improvement he has made on the defensive end more than anything because he can guard a lot of people for us," Lebo adds.

Quan Prowell challenges a shot by Tennessee star Chris Lofton on Wednesday night.

Prowell leads the team in three-point shooting percentage at 38.9 percent and hit three clutch treys in the second half against Tennessee. He also dropped in 6-6 shots from the line and is shooting a team high 77.8 percent for the year.

"I think I took my time on my shots," Prowell notes of his 19 second-half points. "I was really starting to go inside and out first instead of shooting so much. I think that really helped me. (Lebo) didn't say it to me, it was more to the team that we need to be more patient and more aggressive at the same time. We just took our time and knocked down shots in the second half and came out with the win."

The teams Auburn has had played haven't had much video for a scouting report on Prowell and his role on the team, but as his potential is starting to become more obvious Lebo expects that other teams will start focusing on stopping the junior.

"They'll put different people on him," Lebo notes. "He's a pretty good passer and he's an unselfish kid. He's kind of a quiet, introverted kid and has to get that out of him. If he wants to be a good player he has to have a little emotion and a little toughness to his game. ‘I've got to take over a little bit at key times in games to score and help my team.' That's really not his personality, but we've got to make it his personality because it's going to help our team.

"We need that to be consistent," Lebo continues. "When he came out I thought he could be a double-figure scorer for us in this league. I don't know if he'll get 20 points a night, but he can certainly get 12 or 14 points consistently whether we're at home or on the road."

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