The Recruiting Pipeline Still Open for Tigers

Big A.J. Greene is the next in line from Brentwood Academy to Auburn.

Nashville, Tenn.—Auburn signee A.J. Greene is just the latest in what has become a growing line of Tigers from football powerhouse Brentwood Academy located just outside of Nashville.

A six-foot-six, 260-pound defensive end who has been playing football for just two seasons, Greene did enough to catch the eye of the Auburn coaching staff this season while playing tight end and defensive end.

That is good news for outgoing Brentwood Coach Carlton Flatt. Guiding his team to a state title in his last game, Flatt says that having another one of his players decide to attend Auburn University and play for Tommy Tuberville and his staff is a comforting thought. With Jake Slaughter, Taylor Bourgeois, Kody Bliss, John Vaughn, King Dunlap, Mike Berry and Pete Compton all part of the Auburn program since Tuberville's arrival Flatt says he's sure of what his player is going to get once he arrives on the Plains.

"He didn't have any background, but it didn't take us but two or three minutes to determine that we needed to be patient with him and teach him," Flatt says. "I think that is one of the reasons why I think he made such a great decision to go to Auburn.

"I have watched Auburn do this over and over," Flatt notes. "They are looking for people who can play immediately, but they are also looking for people that they have to work with and get to that level. I have the greatest confidence they'll be able to do that with him and he'll be a good player."

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