Borges Looks at Offense Heading Into Week Two

Auburn, Ala.--Offensive coordinator Al Borges gave his football players mixed reviews on Auburn's first major scrimmage of spring training.

The offense only scored two touchdowns in the scrimmage on passes by Brandon Cox to Rodgeriqus Smith and Neil Caudle to Tim Hawthorne. For most of the session at Jordan-Hare Stadium, the defense was the stronger unit.

"We have a ways to go, but we did some good things," Borges tells Inside the Auburn Tigers. "The goal in the first scrimmage was to to get the ball up. We wanted to throw the ball deep. We hit a few and missed a few. We wanted to run the ball directly at the defense with some mixed in outside runs and we got that accomplished. We took a step.

"At this point in the spring, for the first scrimmage, we aren't great and we we aren't terrible," Borges adds. "We know what we have got to do. We will learn how to finish drives better. We moved the ball a couple of times when we didn't finish drive."

The Tigers will have the day off from practice on Monday and will return to the practice field on Tuesday to start week two of spring drills. The next scrimmage is scheduled for Saturday.

Perhaps the best news coming from the offense in scrimmage one was that senior quarterback Brandon Cox looked sharp throwing the football and moving in the pocket. He struggled in both areas after suffering the first of a series of injuries in game three last season.

"Brandon feels good out there," Borges says. "You give him a little protection and if the receivers are open, he can hit them. He didn't have a bad day. We have got to get our backup quarterbacks to take the next step."

Brandon Cox, a redshirt senior, is shown in action in Saturday's scrimmage.

The tailbacks as a group had a solid day in the first scrimmage, Borges says. "I think all of our running backs are just as talented as we thought they were. They need to work on running a little bit more north and south. They are still running too much sideways at times, but we have some talented backs who can make some things happen if we give them some room to do so."

Going into spring drills, the rebuilding offensive line was perhaps the biggest question on offense. With four starters to replace, the area is a work in progress, Borges admits.

"I will tell you what the line has done the last couple of days," he says. "We are not by any means fundamentally good yet because we have work to do because we have too much offense in, but we are getting more aggressive. The first day we went out we weren't happy with our get-off yet. The last couple of days we have been much more aggressive, which is a big part of our running game because we come down hill too much."

The Tigers will practice through March 17th when they close spring drills with the annual A-Day Game at 1 p.m. that day at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

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