NFL Scout Discusses Auburn's Pro Day

Learn what a National Football League scout's comments are about players he watched at Auburn's Pro Day.

Auburn, Ala.--Like other scouts from across the National Football League who visited the Auburn University campus for AU's annual Pro Day, T.J. McCreight closely watched the action for hours.

Checking out the Tigers for the Cleveland Browns, he spent a good bit of time studying offensive guards Ben Grubbs and Tim Duckworth, who he had already watched at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, along with Jonathan Palmer, who didn't receive an invitation to the combine.

Grubbs has been projected as high as a first round draft pick in some mock drafts. McCreight notes he liked the lineman in Indianapolis and that didn't change when he saw him again in Auburn.

"I would say that Grubbs had a good day and, going off what I saw at the combine, both offensive linemen, Grubbs and Duckworth, have looked good here in Auburn," he tells Inside the Auburn Tigers.

"Palmer, the other player, has helped himself a little bit, too, I would say. Grubbs, as far as the way he jumped, moved around, the way he presented himself--even the way he talks to people--I think he has really helped himself. He should be an easy first day pick."

Auburn's all-time leading receiver in total receptions also caught the scout's eye. "I thought Courtney Taylor looked good running his routes," McCreight says. "He is an explosive guy. He ran pretty well and he catches the ball. I really like him."

Tailback Kenny Irons, a player who is projected as a potential early round pick, is another Tiger the scout mentioned. "I thought Irons looked good," McCreight says. "He was quick, he caught the ball well. I was impressed with him, too."

Commenting on the value of pro days at colleges like Auburn where many of the participants didn't get to test at the NFL Combine, McCreight says there are multiple reasons they are valuable to NFL scouts. "For me, it is the first time I to get to see them up close live and see what their bodies look like. You get a chance to speak with them, shake their hand and look them in the eye and then you get to see how they compete.

"This is a pretty big stage," he notes. "There are a lot of people here, coaches and scouts, who want to see how they compete, do they work hard, do they finish things and also have they prepared their bodies since their season ended? Have they been working and preparing for the drills because they know what drills are coming? If they have been practicing them, you can see that. If they haven't, you can see that, too."

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