Caddy, Ronnie B Fan to Camp at Auburn

This talented back from South Alabama talks recruiting and what makes him a special player.

Theodore, Ala.--One of the most explosive running back prospects in Alabama is hearing from schools all over the South and says he's looking forward to showing his skills this summer at several camps.

Speedy Demetrius Thomas says that although he doesn't have any offers at the moment, he's hoping that teams will come on board once he shows what he can do.

"I'm getting a lot of letters coming in," Thomas says. "Right now they are letters about the NCAA rules, the ACT scores, information about campuses, things like that. I don't have any offers yet though. I'm hearing from Auburn, Alabama, Southern Miss, Marshall, Iowa State, Middle Tennessee, BYU, Houston and a few others."

As a child, Thomas suffered from a condition that caused a build up fluid on his brain. Because of that his mother didn't allow him to play football growing up.

When he finally started to play at the age of 12, it was the same time that two running backs were just starting to get things going on the Plains. He says immediately they captured his attention and made him watch Auburn with keen interest every Saturday.

"I was playing football in the street and a Pop Warner coach saw me run," Thomas says. "He talked my mom into letting me come out. My first time watching a football game was Auburn. I have been a big fan of Auburn since then for the simple fact that I saw the way they switched Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown. It showed me they could combine two different running styles and make stuff happen. I have really been an Auburn fan since then."

Thomas is a suprisingly physical runner for his size.

A back who runs with a style similar to Williams when he starred at Etowah High, Thomas says that he learned a lot of what he employs from paying close attention to Williams' time at Auburn and now in the NFL with the Tampa Bay Bucs. "I see the way that, when he gets contact, his feet don't stop moving. His head is always on a swivel. He's not looking at the man in front of him, he uses his vision. Every game I tried to catch Cadillac when he was at Auburn. I still try to watch him now."

In his first year as the starting tailback for the Bobcats, the 5-11, 180 Thomas was outstanding as he rushed for just over 1,300 yards while averaging 5.8 yards per carry and scored 11 touchdowns. His touchdown total would have been greater but Theodore used a short yardage offense in close that featured a bigger back. He says that his touchdown numbers should increase as a senior now that he's the entire show in the backfield for the Bobcats.

"I have been a running back my whole life," Thomas says. "My coach doesn't believe in starting freshmen. I didn't really get a chance to show what I could do until my junior year because I had a senior in front of me. On the freshman team I broke the Theodore record with 1,600 yards and 22 touchdowns."

While running the football is his specialty, Thomas also added nearly 400 receiving yards out of the backfield. That is a part of his game that he believes makes him a special back and one that can do multiple things for an offense.

"I consider myself a LaDainion Tomlinson or a Reggie Bush style of back," Thomas says. "I'm smart back. I don't try to make big plays. I just try to be smart and pick my moments and help the team win."

A speed back who reports a best 40-yard dash time of 4.4 seconds, Thomas is also a track standout in the Mobile area. Currently participating in the long jump as well as the 100, 200, and 4x100 for Theodore, Thomas says he is third in the area in the long jump with a best jump of 22 feet, five inches and has a best time of 10.8 seconds in the 100 meters.

Thomas says he was hoping to attend Junior Days at both Auburn, Alabama, and LSU but a problem with rescheduling the ACT Test and a track meet forced him to miss all three weekends. Because of those issues, Thomas says he has already planned to camp at Auburn, Alabama, LSU, Southern Miss and Florida State during the summer along with several teammates.

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