Auburn Makes Impression On Talented DB

One of the top defensive backs in Florida talks about Auburn after visiting over the weekend.

Miami, Fla.--One of the top cornerback prospects in Florida visited Auburn last weekend along with a teammate and says the Tigers are very much on his radar after seeing the campus in person.

Athletic Travis Howard from Dr. Krop High visited Auburn as part of a tour along with teammate Etienne Sabino and he says AU really appealed to him in a number of different ways.

"I liked Auburn," Howard tells Inside The Auburn Tigers. "When we first got there we thought it was going to be like a farm town, but after visiting and seeing the facilities and meeting the coaches, everything was good.

"I like Coach Tubs (Tommy Tuberville). He's a very laid back guy. I learned that from the players, they said the same thing about him. They said he's not just acting like that, that's how he acts on a normal day. That's how he does things around there.

"Auburn wasn't at the bottom of my list when I first started looking at schools, I mean I was into Auburn, but not that much," he adds. "When I saw the campus everything just hit me. They'll be one of the schools that will be in my Top 5 and I would really like to visit again."

A late bloomer in recruiting circles, Howard says his offer total is up to nearly 20 schools at the moment. Declining to mention any favorites, Howard says that having the opportunity to see schools such as Auburn, Georgia, Georgia Tech and Tennessee on consecutive days gives him the chance to make an educated decision when the time comes.

"It helps me a lot because I don't know anything about these schools," Howard says. "By me coming to visit the school it lets me know if I want to go to school there or not, or even if that school is in my Top 5 or not. It's good to see how everything works and everything looks instead of hearing it from everybody else. You just have a better feel of what you're going into."

A two-way player for Dr. Krop at receiver in addition to cornerback, Howard says that Tennessee is the only school offering him a chance to play both. While that might be an advantage for the Vols, Howard says his first goal is to play cornerback in college.

"I love defense," Howard says. "I have always loved it and it's the only thing I'm going to love."

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