Berry Ready For Whatever Comes His Way

Offensive lineman Mike Berry talks about moving positions and working at tackle.

Auburn, Ala.--Every day there has been a different look on the offensive line and Monday was no different as redshirt freshman Mike Berry bounced around at several different positions for Coach Hugh Nall as he tries to find the best fit for his offensive line.

Following a long day spent shuffling around, Berry notes he's used to moving around and he's just happy to help out the team in any way he can.

"It's going pretty good," Berry says. "I started off practice rotating with my best friend Leon Hart and then went to right tackle during pass rush. After that I had to go in at second center because Pugh (Ryan Pugh) went down."

Berry becomes the latest in a line of utility guys that Nall has coached the last few years with both Jonathan Palmer and Leon Hart following the same pattern for much of their careers. Berry says he's glad to be an important part of the line and if he's called on to start anywhere he'll be ready.

"It helps you in the long run as far as getting where you want to be," Berry says. "It can only help you. I would like to play guard, but I feel comfortable at right tackle. It has been a while since I have vertical-set but I'm going to get used to it. I'll probably be out there Tuesday."

Mike Berry stones Brent Slusher in a pass rush drill while working at right tackle.

Monday it was baptism by fire for Berry at the tackle spot after both Oscar Gonzalez and Andrew McCain struggled in pass rush drills. Called on to work at tackle after not taking a snap there since the spring, Berry says right off the bat he got a big test and it didn't turn out quite like he had hoped.

"All I want to do is play at any position," Berry says. "I just want to play. I felt pretty good (back at tackle) the first time but then I went up against Q (Quentin Groves) and you know how fast he is. I'm kind of rusty right now so he got me a couple of times."

For now, Berry says all he can do is show up to practice every day and be the best player he can. Whether that's as a guard, tackle or even center remains to be seen, but one thing is perfectly clear. When Nall gets ready to plug in a capable body, Berry will be at the very front of the line.

"After our walk through I'll probably work on it (tackle) more," Berry says. "We're just coming out and competing each day. Coach Nall isn't messing around. If you mess up then you're out of there. He's looking for the best five.

"Wherever Coach Nall wants me at is where I'm going to be," he adds. "I'll be happy with that. I just want to see the field."

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