Coulahan Cool With New Position

An Auburn football freshman discusses his move to a new position.

Auburn, Ala.--Tommy Tuberville had been contemplating a position change for Kyle Coulahan for several days. On Tuesday night the Auburn coach decided to go ahead with the experiment.

Based on the opening night performance, the former offensive lineman's future could very well be on defense.

"We are just seeing if he can help," Tuberville says of the freshman from Catholic High in Pensacola, Fla. "He wants to help the team."

Although Coulahan was signed as an offensive line prospect by the Tigers, he was such a good athlete in high school he played other positions such as the defensive line, linebacker, fullback and tight end.

The first week of practice was a learning experience on the offensive front. On Tuesday night, he did surprisingly well in one-on-one drills, using his quickness to get by offensive linemen who were trying to block him.

"It went good," Coulahan says of his first day as an Auburn defensive player. "I played defense all through high school. Coming here I started out at guard. The team was a little short on defensive tackles and I told them I would be happy to come over here and play. I feel at home over here. I feel very comfortable on defense.

"It felt a lot better coming over here being there are six right guards," the freshman adds. "Coming over to defense and switching up with Tez Doolittle got me fired up."

Another thing getting him fired up on defense Tuesday night was support from his fellow defensive line teammates who noticed his quickness and hustle. Before the night was through, with the veteran defensive linemen leading the way, his teammates were cheering Coulahan every time he lined up for a one-on-one drill vs. an offensive lineman.

"They were hyping me up, getting me ready to go, so that helped me out a lot," the freshman says.

Coulahan arrived on campus in June and participated in conditioning workouts with his new teammates.

Tuberville and Coulahan note that the move is not set in stone. "We will see how it goes," Coulahan notes. Based on the opening night performance, could be his home for the next four seasons.

A player who has already bonded with his fellow freshmen offensive linemen, he now will be knocking heads with those guys on a daily basis.

"That's okay because we are all good friends," Coulahan says. "We are going to work hard and hit each other hard, but off the field we are going to be good friends."

Commenting on how challenging his first week of college football has been, Coulahan says, "It is all right if you just come out here and bust your ass and do what the coaches tell you, you don't really have a problem with anything."

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