Daniels Looking For A Home

Offensive tackle Antwoin Daniels talks about moving back to the right side on Saturday.

Auburn, Ala.--The right tackle position has been a revolving door for the first week and a half of preseason practice for the Auburn Tigers as Andrew McCain, Antwoin Daniels, Oscar Gonzalez, Lee Ziemba and even Mike Berry have gotten work at the position under the direction of Coach Hugh Nall.

Late last week the job looked to be Ziemba's as the true freshman moved to the first team and looked good enough to earn the starting nod in Saturday's scrimmage. Coupled with a concussion to McCain and a move of Daniels to left tackle for a few days, it looked to be Ziemba's job to lose. While he didn't exactly lose all first team status in Saturday's scrimmage, his play opened the door for Daniels to get another shot at right tackle and he says he's hoping to make the most of the opportunity.

"During the scrimmage they put me back on the right side," Daniels says. "Then when I walked in the meeting room Coach told me I was going back to the right side. It's exciting. I have to keep my mind fresh. I'm trying my hardest. Nothing is set in stone so just have to play hard and do right."

Daniels works against Michael Goggans at a recent practice.

Having played both sides in his career at Auburn, the junior notes that he feels more comfortable on the left side, but he's a bigger fan of starting so he doesn't mind the move at all.

"You've got to know it all," Daniels says. "It just makes me think more. You've got to flip things in your head. I like the left side more, but I really want to start so I'm trying to figure out this right stuff. When I listen to Nall I do it right. When I don't listen I mess up.

"I'm left handed so the left side is more natural to me," Daniels adds. "I can do it because I have been doing it since I've been here. I can play it. The first play is a little shaky on the right if I've been playing left all day, but after that first play I'm all right."

As the Tigers head into the start of fall classes on Thursday things will begin to take shape on both sides of the ball and particularly on the offensive line as the season opener against Kansas State draws near. While he admits he doesn't know who will win the job, coordinator Al Borges says that whoever wins it will have earned it and will be a talented player.

"I think it's some good competition," Borges says. "You've got the freshman Lee Ziemba and Antwoin and McCain has been hurt, but when he comes back I think we'll find the guy to play the position. We've got enough players there to do it. I like the competition, but we're still having some growing pains because Lee is so young. We've got some talent at the spot and that's what we need."

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