Q&A With Al Borges

Al Borges has a short time for the offense to turn a 180.

What do you do to improve from here?
Where do I start? We were awful, in the second half in particular. In the first half we got in sync a little bit and started doing some nice things, but in the second half we were so inept. It's one thing to be inept and another thing to be completely... give the game away. And we gave them more opportunities. Our defense kept sucking it up and stopping them and forcing field goals with no help from us. We turned the ball over--I don't know, four or five times, and you can't win games like that. It's going to catch up to you eventually. We were fortunate enough to get it into overtime the way it was. We've got to go back to work on taking care of the ball and concentrate on more efficiency with both our running game and our passing game. We've got a long way to go and it was evident tonight?

Any explanation why a fifth-year senior wouldn't play up to the level you would expect him to?
No, I don't have an explanation right now. When I watch the tape I'll have a better idea. I don't think it's just Brandon. It's a lot of things. Sometimes we're not open, sometimes we're not protecting, sometimes we're not whatever. It's not all Brandon (Cox.)

Are there going to be any changes on offense this week?
I don't know. I'll make that decision after we see how we did and see how everybody did (on film). We've got to do something to generate more firepower. There's no question about that, whether it's changing some receivers or playing certain people more here and there, then that's what we've got to do. We're not generating enough big plays and we're not doing anything to really put stress on the defense right now. I blame myself for that a little bit, too.

Do you stick with the same schemes, or do you take a look at that too?
You always want to develop little nuances here and there, but you don't want to abandon what has put you to this point. That's panicking, and panicking will get you beat. That'll make you lose a lot of games. To say we're going to make a drastic departure from what we've done, we're not going to do that. We've going to try to develop ways to move the ball better, any way we can with any personnel we can.

Are you going to stick with Cox or are you going to take a look at somebody else?
Oh yeah, we're going to stick with Cox. Cox is our quarterback.

Are your guys pressing a little bit trying to make something happen?
Maybe a little bit, I don't know. We had some opportunities to make some plays here or there, but we didn't do it.

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