AU Offense Seeking Improvement

Auburn has less than two weeks until a visit to Florida on Sept. 29.

Auburn, Ala.--Coming into the season with an established senior quarterback and now all of a sudden with a topsy-turvy start, the Auburn offense is looking for answers.

Brandon Cox and Kodi Burns both played quarterback for the Tigers in the 19-14 loss to Mississippi State. And both turned the ball over twice.

As the Tigers prepare for New Mexico State on Saturday, ofensive coordinator Al Borges and the Auburn coaches must find a rotation and/or a system they are comfortable with using.

"We haven't decided exactly how we're going to do this thing this week," says Borges, who wouldn't out rule playing a combination of the quarterbacks. "I've never been much of a fan of it and I've never really used it before. I don't really like it, but if I think that is what is going to help us move the ball and win games I'll do anything."

Since his time at Auburn, Borges has coached Jason Campbell and Brandon Cox as dropback passers. However, he says he knows more than just that style. Burns must learn the entire offense, Borges says, but the Tigers may still run some of what they did with the shotgun reads and draws.

"My first five years of high school I was an option coach," he explains. "I led a wishbone offense so I'm used to throwing it backwards.

"I've had about every flavor of quarterback you can imagine," Borges continues. "Tall ones, short ones, runners, non-runners, dropback passers. Cade McNown was a lot like Kodi. He was very, very similar and a playmaker type.

"When you have a young guy you have to be careful how much you give him. You don't want to confuse him. We've got some tough games and some tough things coming up, so we want to make sure we're bringing him around reseaonably."

Borges says that Burns knows 30 to 40 percent of the offense.

Cox had two quick interceptions to start the game, the first for a touchdown that probably wasn't his fault. He didn't throw another pass until the final drive of the game. Burns led the Tigers to a pair of second quarter touchdowns, but had a crucial fumble and an interception in the fourth quarter that set up the winning drive for MSU.

"Brandon was unfortunate that the first ball was tipped up in the air and the second one was a bad throw," Borges explains. "He didn't quite get it over the corner. Other than that he only had 19 plays and he didn't do too bad. The next drive, which was late in the game, he took us right down and made some excellent throws.

"Kodi was exactly as I would have guessed," he continues. "He's a freshman and he did some freshman things, but by the same token he's got a little electricity to him. If you get him in the open field he can make some things happen.

"We just have to shore him up so we can iron out some of the mistakes so there is less and less of those ever game," Borges adds. "As he gets more solid with what we're trying to do with him I think you're going to see more and more production out of him."

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