Auburn 55, New Mexico State 20 Notes Part I

Notes From Auburn's football victory over New Mexico State are featured.

*Both Ryan Pugh and Chaz Ramsey said they were nervous prior to their first college start, and first college snaps for that matter, but both said they settled down and thought they played okay.

*In addiiton to left tackle, Pugh played some center and was in on the final touchdown run by Mario Fannin. Pugh took a few snaps at left tackle prior to this week, but not many. He did play tackle in high school.

*The Tigers had two 100-yard rushers with Fannin rushing for 103 yards and three TDs on 15 carries with zero fumbles. Bent Tate ran 21 times for 111 yards and one TD.

*After the game Brandon Cox thanked the fans who sent him letters of support and emails. He said he only got two negative ones.

*Patrick Lee with five solos and two assists and Aairon Savage with four solos and three assists led the Tigers in tackles.

The video board shows Josh Thompson as he prepares to propose marriage after the game to Renee Steptoe who accepted the senior lineman's ring and offer.

*The most memorable night belonged to Josh Thompson. He made three tackles, but will never forget proposing to his girlfriend in the south end zone and she said yes with dozens of his teammates cheering.

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