Auburn Offer and Commitment a Relief for QB

Barrett Trotter talks about his decision with Inside the Auburn Tigers.

Birmingham, Ala.--After not drawing any big-name offers until just recently, new Auburn commitment Barrett Trotter of Briarwood High School in Birmingham says it's a "big relief" to have his college decision out of the way.

"It's one of those things that you worry about all the time," Trotter explains. "It's in the back of your head all of the time, ‘Where am I going to go? Where am I going to get offers from?' But now it's over and I can just focus on Briarwood and all of these guys this year that I'll get to spend the rest of the season with. It's exciting and I'm looking forward to a fun senior year."

Trotter had offers from Army, Duke, Troy and UAB before getting an offer from the Auburn coaches on Sunday.

"Right then I thought that was the place I was going to go with my decision unless there is some act of God or something else to sway my opinion," he says of the offer. "I said that's where I knew I wanted to go. I was really, really excited when I got that offer.

"This is done for me," Trotter adds. "I'm glad I know where I'm going. I don't think anything else is going to sway my opinion on that. I'm an Auburn fan from here on out and I'm just looking forward to that."

Defensive ends coach Terry Price recruits the Birmingham area for Auburn, and offensive coordinator Al Borges also had a strong impact on Trotter's decision to commit to the Tigers.

"Every year I've gone down to camp since the 10th grade and I've really enjoyed with Coach Borges," Trotter notes. "He's one of those guys that works hard and he doesn't beat around the bush. He tells you what's going on, what you're doing wrong, what you're doing right and he gives it to you straight. That's that one thing that I really like about him. All of the other coaches down there as well as all of the players, just the whole feel of Auburn itself, I knew it was the place that fit me. Both of my brothers went down there for school at some time or another and really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to getting down there as well."

At 4-0 so far this season, the Lions are currently ranked No. 1 in the state in 5A. They've beaten Vestavia, John Carroll, Benjamin Russell and Anniston in large part due to the play of the quarterback. Trotter has completed 65-90 passes for 976 and 12 touchdowns with just one interception. He's also rushed for an additional 150 yards.

"We're proud of Barrett and tickled for him," says head coach Fred Yancey. "Barrett actually started playing varsity football when he was in the eighth grade. He was on the state championship team and practiced with us every day that year."

That team was led by Joe Craddock, the current starting quarterback at Middle Tennessee.

"He's grown to be a three-year starter and he owns all of the records here at Briarwood," Yancey continues. "He's leading us to an outstanding season so far this year and I anticipate that he'll take us to a few more wins before it's all over. Leadership is his main deal and talent is his next deal. I think the people at Auburn are going to love working with Barrett because Barrett loves working and he's really not an ego guy. He is a servant leader and that's the way he operates, but he is a take-charge guy. He understands what is going on. We're excited about what Barrett is doing for us now, but I think Auburn is going to be very excited for what he will do for them down the road when he goes into those roles."

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