Sunday Football Notes I

News, notes and quotes from Tommy Tuberville on Sunday following Auburn's 35-7 victory over Vanderbilt.

Players of the Week
Offense: Carl Stewart
Defense: Chris Evans
Special Teams: Michael McNeil
Scout Team Offense: Jonathan Vickers
Scout Team Defense: Wade Christopher

"We showed a little improvement this week," said head coach Tommy Tuberville. "We played hard and played with intensity. After watching the film we played well in most areas. We're still making some mistakes and we're still searching for that one game where we don't have injuries.

"I'd probably rate us a C or a C+ through our first six games. We're obviously a couple of games back, but those are behind us. We're looking forward and looking for road challenges. The first one is at Arkansas and they're a big challenge for us. We just need to get some guys back to where we can practice."



"Jason Bosley was injured (sprained knee) and we still don't know the significance of that injury," Tuberville noted. "We probably won't know for about 24 hours. Ryan Pugh and Mike Berry would be the backups (at center), and at tackle it would be King Dunlap and (Andrew) McCain."

Quentin Groves, Tray Blackmon, Merrill Johnson and Aairon Savage did not play against the Commodores.

"We'll know more after today," Tuberville said of their status. "I hope we get a couple of them back. I was hoping Blackmon would be back last week and that didn't happen.

"Defensively after four starters were being held out I thought that we held up pretty good," Tuberville added. "Early in the game we gave our offense plenty of possessions and good field position. That's the way you're supposed to play and how you draw it up."


Linebacker Josh Bynes and Ryan Williams were added to the long list of true freshmen to play for the Tigers this year. The others are Kodi Burns, Lee Ziemba, Chaz Ramsey, Ryan Pugh, Chris Slaughter, Antoine Carter, Bo Harris, Brent Slusher, Michael McNeil, Morgan Hull, Patrick Tatum and Wes Byrum.

"We played some younger guys," Tuberville noted. "We played two new freshmen. We're looking for guys to play on special teams and also work for playing time on offense and defense.

"Bynes played well--17 plays. He gives us a bigger body inside and we just had to have a backup middle linebacker behind Chris Evans. I think he'll help us as we go down through on special teams also. He's got a lot to learn and it was by necessity that we played he and Ryan Williams. We're also looking at Quindarius Carr. We had him ready to go, but we're still holding him."

Several redshirt freshmen also played against the Commodores like Michael Goggans, Byron Isom, Tim Hawthorne, Craig Stevens, Mike Blanc, Berry, Ryan Shoemaker, Zach Clayton, Zac Etheridge, Mario Fannin and Bart Eddins.

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