Green Becoming Mr. Steady On O-Line

With some experience under his belt, left guard Tyronne Green has been stepping up his game throughout the season.

Auburn, Ala.--It's been an eventful season for the Auburn offensive line. With injuries at several positions, inconsistency at others and three true freshmen being forced into action, perhaps the only healthy and steady fixture has been junior Tyronne Green at left guard.

However, even Green was youthful coming into the season as he made his first career start in the opener against Kansas State.

Much has been said about the Tigers' inexperience up front starting three true freshmen for much of the season. The other two starters, Green and center Jason Bosley, aren't seasoned veterans by any means either. Bosley, who has been banged up all season, is in his first season as a regular, though he made four starts last season for an injured Joe Cope. Green is in his first year as a starter after moving over from defensive tackle in 2005.

"They expect a lot out of me," Green says. "This past week I had a big challenge with Glenn Dorsey. I was man on him a lot by myself. I just challenged myself to go out and compete, give them a good look like they're giving me.

"I'm sure he's a first-round pick," Green continues. "I was pretty nervous going into that, but I played hard. After the first couple of plays I was locking him down a little bit. I built up a little confidence going in and I'm pretty confident going into every game. I figure if I play hard, there is not too much that is going to get by me. I pretty much determine what is going to happen by how I play. I just try to play hard and try not to get beat too much."

Bosley (#68) and Green (#71) are the leaders on the line for the Tigers.

Auburn is coming off a heart-breaker at LSU, but the offense did scored 24 points and move the ball well considering it was facing one of the top defenses in the country.

"The only thing you can do is go back, try to review what you did wrong and what could have been better and improve on it, and try to get ready for the next week," Green explains. "You can't really dwell on it. You've always got another game coming up--an SEC game. The best is to try to move on and get ready for next week."

The next game for the Tigers is against the visiting Ole Miss Rebels, who are 2-5 overall and 0-4 in the SEC. Their only wins came against Memphis and Louisiana Tech, but the front four on defense has managed to play well.

"They're pretty good," Green notes. "They get off the ball good. They've got good pad level. They play the run real good and we're going to have to come out and get after it this week--hit them in the mouth and come off the ball like we've been doing all season.

"I think No. 86 (Greg Hardy), the D-end, is leading the conference in sacks. I think he's got eight sacks and 15 tackles in the backfield. No. 98 (Peria Jerry) gets off the ball real good. He's in the backfield a lot, too. We're going to have play with great pad level. They're just a regular base 4-3. That's what they play most of the game--not too much variation."


Green commented on the accidental chop block that the Auburn offensive line made on Dorsey on Saturday.

"It was clearly an accidental high/low," he explains. "We had a protection where everybody was cutting. When the guard doesn't have anybody to cut, they help back with the tackle. That's what Chaz (Ramsey) was doing. He was helping back with Ziemba, who thought he was getting beat inside. He was trying to push the player down the line so (Brandon) Cox could roll out. It ended up happening that way. Stuff happens throughout the game. I got a couple of clubs to the head (by Dorsey). You've just got to play ball and move on. It was an accident. We weren't trying to deliberately hurt anybody. It was a pretty clean game for the most part.

"We just play ball and try to get after it. It's football. Accidents happen, injuries happen," he adds. "We never deliberately try to hurt anybody."

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