Auburn vs. Ole Miss Offensive Notes

Offensive news, notes and quotes from Auburn's 17-3 victory over Ole Miss.

Auburn had 12 turnovers through three games and was 1-2. Since then, the Tigers have had just five turnovers and are 5-1. The only one in the 17-3 win over Ole Miss was a Rod Smith fumble on Auburn's opening drive.

"That problem has kind of gone away--knock on wood," Al Borges says. "It hasn't completely gone away and we never want to take it for granted, but it's helping us win the game."

Brandon Cox has only thrown one interception in the last six games.


Smith made up for the fumble with a career high in yards and a 34-yard touchdown reception to ice the game. Smith had nine receptions for 102 yards in the win at Florida and had a similar performance against the Rebels--eight for 111.


Brad Lester also had a career high in yards with 96 on 23 carries. His previous high was also against Florida, 94 yards, but that came in 2006.

"He gives us such a nice dimension because of his stop and go ability," Borges notes. "He's a different kind of back where Ben (Tate) is more of a power back, although Ben has more quickness than you think he does. He's really not like Brad. Brad is tough in the open field and he's hard to get down, and really, really tenacious in terms of not conceding to the defense."


The other running back, Mario Fannin, was also part of the offense against Ole Miss. He carried a couple of reverses, one for 23 yards, and had 48 total on four carries. Fannin also had two receptions for 29.

"We worked on it a lot this week with the give and the ghost," he says of the reverses. "It worked out. It was a good job blocking down field and it was there. The coaches asked me on the field what I saw (after the first fake) and I told them nobody was there. We ran it and it worked out for us.

"I was real excited just to get the ball in my hands. It's just a way to help my team out."


Blake Field nearly got his chance in the second quarter. Cox injured his right (non-throwing) shoulder on a sack by Peria Jerry with 3:57 remaining in the half. He wasn't going to come back in until getting it checked out by the trainers, but Ole Miss' next drive ate up the clock and Auburn's offense didn't come back on the field until after halftime.

"I started taking snaps with Blake Field," Bosley says, "and whenever I do that it's a pretty big sign that he might not be back for a while. At halftime they told us that he'd be back, so I felt good about that."

Borges says that both Field and Burns would be in the plans if the senior lefty were to go down.

"We have two scenarios based on how the game is going," he says. "We'll use Blake or Kodi. We were prepared and one way or another and we had planned on using both of them."

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