Thompson and Auburn D Knock Out Rebels

Auburn defensive lineman Josh Thompson talks about the win over Ole Miss.

Auburn, Ala.--In a game that was described as a fist fight by Auburn senior defensive tackle Josh Thompson, it was the Tigers that delivered the knockout blow on both sides of the ball to secure a 17-3 Auburn victory.

In a game featuring 14 combined penalties, including several personal foul calls on both teams, Thompson says it was the Ole Miss offensive line that got things going early with several questionable plays.

"They were dirty needless to say," Thompson says. "(Ole Miss) was a little dirtier than they're supposed to be. They got after us and we got after them. Eventually they quit (playing dirty) after we kept pounding them a little bit. It was definitely a fist fight in the trenches.

"You saw some hits in the back," Thompson adds. "They got Pat (Pat Sims) and finally called it. The first four plays there was a guy that hit us in the back twice. They were playing kind of nasty and holding a lot. That's part of the game, but they took it to another level tonight."

Instead of fighting back early, Auburn instead chose to take it out on the Ole Miss offense as the Rebels were held to just 193 yards of total offense in the game. Early on Auburn was dominant as they limited an offense that has been successful moving the football this season to just 12 yards on its first four drives. Thompson says the defense took it personally and took it out on Ole Miss.

"It made us pretty mad," Thompson says. "We popped them in the mouth pretty good and they eventually quit. It was about mid-way through the second quarter after that drive they had. We kept getting after them and eventually they quit with the holding and quit with the cheap shots."

As one of Auburn's senior leaders on defense, Thompson has been around the world of SEC football long enough to know that the first order of defense in any game is to stop the run. Saturday night the Tigers did an outstanding job against Ole Miss, limiting the Rebels to just 70 net yards. Thompson says that is always the goal and Saturday night the Tigers made the Rebels pay for their inability to move the ball on the ground.

"That's what we try to do, stop the run and make them go to the pass," Thompson says. "We rely on our db's to make some big plays. That's what we did tonight. We limited the run I think to 70 yards, and limited the pass. The db's did a real good job.

"We had a pretty good night stopping the run," he adds. "They broke a few big plays on us and had a few throws down the field on us, but other than that we kept them in check. We had a good night over all."

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