"Pumped" Tiger Looking Forward to Facing Bama

Auburn, Ala.--Growing up an Auburn fan in Huntsville, Jason Bosley has watched the Auburn-Alabama football game with interest since he was a youngster.

A week from Saturday, Auburn's starting center will have a chance to help make history as his Tigers look for their sixth straight win in the series. Prior to the Tigers winning their fifth straight vs. Bama last season in Tuscaloosa to match the school record, Auburn's longest winning streak was five from 1954-58.

Bosley says earning a win over the Crimson Tide to close the 2007 regular season would be "a big thing" for his Tigers.

"I don't think we have ever won six straight over Alabama," he says. "You take a lot of pride. This is a game that everybody looks to every year. Everybody circles it on the calendar. Everybody is going to be in town. It's huge."

Auburn began on the field preparations for its game vs. the Crimson Tide on Tuesday. Alabama has one more game to play, a Saturday home date vs. Louisiana-Monroe, prior to facing Auburn in its regular season finale.

"It's big," Bosley says of the game known around the state and elsewhere as The Iron Bowl. "This is what you come to Auburn for. I am excited. This is my first chance to start and play. I haven't played in this game before. I have just been a backup. Last year it was such a close game the twos didn't play at all."

Bosley, who has won praise from his coaches for being a steadying influence on an offensive line that has started as many as three freshmen this season, says he believes the entire team understands how seriously the rivalry is talent. "You are remembered for what you do in this game," the center says. "You can do nothing in your whole career, but if you have a big game in the Iron Bowl you will be remembered in history forever."

Bosley notes that he got a really good feel for the intensity of the game his senior season at Grissom High when he watched the Tigers defeat Alabama in a game played at Jordan-Hare Stadium. "I remember my senior year coming here when Carnell (Williams) broke that 80-yard run on the first play of the game," he says. "From then on, I was just like, ‘this game is awesome.'"

There was nothing awesome from the Auburn perspective about last week's 45-20 loss to Georgia. Bosley and his teammates are still trying to recover from the hangover of that loss that featured a big Auburn comeback followed by a collapse that began late in the third quarter.

"I think the bye week will help," Bosley says. "Everybody will be able to get home and see their families, kind of take a step back and get focused on Alabama the way we need to and forget about what happened last weekend. I think that is what everybody is going to take advantage of."

Bosley says he welcomes not having a game this Saturday. "It's tough. Your body gets tired. I think a bye week about week seven would be perfect in a perfect world, but it is not a perfect world, but hey, you have got to do it. It's a tough game. If you can't do it, go somewhere else."

Jason Bosley (68) calls the blocking assignments for the offensive lineman after QB Brandon Cox calls the play.

The Auburn-Alabama rivalry is normally personal for Auburn athletes who grew up in the state of Alabama. That is certainly the case with Bosley.

"I have got some Alabama fans in my family--two of my uncles went to Alabama and so did my best friend from high school," the Auburn junior says. "You take a lot of pride in this game if you are from the state. It's an exciting time for me. I am pumped."

Bosley says he believes his teammates will be pumped, too, when the Tigers and Tide kick off at 7 p.m. on Nov. 24th with a national TV audience watching on ESPN.

"I think we have have gotten over the Georgia game the best you can when you have a loss like that," he says. "Whenever you lose a game like the one at Georgia, or one like LSU, my best medicine is to get back out on the field and run some plays."

Bosley and his teammates will have plenty of opportunity to run some plays in practice this week and again next week as they prepare for the 2007 Iron Bowl.

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