Interesting Prospect Excited About AU Visit

Former Tampa Bay Devil Rays' 12th round draft pick Blair Irvin will be arriving in Auburn on Friday for a busy weekend on his official visit.

Coffeyville, Kan.--Auburn commitment Blair Irvin isn't your typical football recruit. After playing professional baseball and spending two years at Coffeyville Junior College, Irvin will likely arrive at Auburn as a 24 year old if his academics are in order following this semester.

"I'm very committed to Auburn as of right now," he explains. "I'm committed to Auburn, but you never know what happens so I do keep other schools in mind like West Virginia, they offered me, K-State, they offered me, Louisiana Tech offered. A couple of other schools offered that don't require a certain math that I'm taking right now. I'm doing pretty good at that, but I just keep those other schools in mind just in case because you never know what happens."

While most of the prospects in town on official visits during Iron Bowl weekend will be deciding if Auburn is a place they would consider for a college choice, Irvin is already committed to the Tigers and has other decisions to make. His wedding day is set for Dec. 15 so he'll be checking out the football program and also trying to find a place to call home for the next two years of his life if his academics stay in order.

"That's another thing I want to do is look for a nice, comfortable spot for me and my family," he explains. "I have five-month old son and me and my fiancé are getting married next month. I don't know the married life in Auburn, but I'm curious and wondering what that's like. I've never been to an Auburn football game, especially against Alabama, so I'm anxious to see that, too. There are a lot of things I'm waiting to see."

Prior to his baseball career, Irvin signed out of Patterson, La., High School with Nick Saban and LSU. However, he'll be rooting against Saban this time around. Having never been to an Auburn football game before, Irvin says he's anxious to see what the atmosphere is like in an important game.

"Big-time, especially with Nick Saban being on the other side, who I signed with in 2002," he notes. "It's going to be kind of crazy just seeing him again and being on Auburn's side. It's a whole different experience from what I experienced in high school going to LSU and being on the LSU side when I went to the LSU-Auburn game (in 2001). It's like the same thing except I'm on the other side of the tracks."

In a more interesting twist of events, Irvin was going to play cornerback for then LSU defensive coordinator Will Muschamp, who is now at Auburn. Also, after the Hurricane Katrina "catastrophe," Irvin's father also found his way to the Auburn area.

"Because of Katrina in New Orleans, he got relocated and it just so happens that it was in Opelika," Irvin says. "That all came into it and it made me make my decision, really."

As for his sophomore season in junior college ball, Irvin notes that "it went pretty good," he says. "I had two interceptions and a few passes batted down. They barely threw the ball my way. I had 24 tackles on the season and I had close to 500 yards as a punt returner. I took one punt return to the house.

"As of right now (at Auburn) I'm just going to be an athlete," he adds. "Wherever they put me is where I'm going to get playing time. My first year I played receiver and my second year I played corner in juco. I can pretty much play both so it's wherever I fit for the team.

"I like both of them," Irvin continues. "I don't have favorites. I like playing corner, because I love shutting people down when I can."

Irvin is one of a group of a dozen recruits on official visits to Auburn over the weekend. To read more, Click Here.

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