Physical Blackmon Smacks Bama

Auburn sophomore linebacker Tray Blackmon discusses Auburn's victory over Bama.

Auburn, Ala.--Tray Blackmon Tray Blackmon was popping and locking and dropping folks Saturday night.

Auburn's sophomore linebacker loves to hit and he indulged in his favorite pastime against the Tide, smacking around the Bama offense in Auburn's 17-10 victory over Alabama.

It was Auburn's sixth-straight win against the Tide. "I thrive off contact and being physical," Blackmon said. "I can never get enough of it. There were probably a couple of times I could have gotten a better hit, but I just tried to play hard."

Blackmon put the hurt on a variety of Alabama players, posting four solo tackles and three assisted. He played with his usual fire and speed, flying around the field and hitting opponents at full-speed.

Auburn scored first and dominated the game early. Blackmon said the team fed off that energy.

"I never had a doubt that we would lose," he said. "We prepared well and worked extra hard. I never doubted once. We played hard and made sure it didn't happen.

" We came out and started fast and kind of got the momentum and kept pushing and kept striving. That's how the game is supposed to be played--when they get down, put your foot on them and close the game."

Blackmon said knowing he helped the Tigers extend their win streak to six in a row over the Tide is something to enjoy. "It's something I will never forget, and I will leave with my kids and they will leave with their kids and I thank God for allowing me the opportunity to do something like this," he said. "This was for the seniors to go out with a bang. The atmosphere of this game--I had no idea what it was really like until I played in it. I'm looking forward to next year."

Blackmon said none of the pregame hype mattered to him, including concerns about playing against Alabama's $4 million a year coach or coming in off a loss to Georgia.

"I don't worry about the other team or the other coach," he said." I just worry about our side," he said. "After that loss it hurts, but we put that behind us and knew we had a bigger task ahead. We used that feeling of that loss. We don't want to feel that any more so we do what we can and work extra hard so we don't have to. The fastest way to get over a loss is with a win."

And Blackmon and the Tigers got one Saturday night. The Auburn defense got after quarterback John Parker Wilson, who completed just 12-of-26 passes for 113 yards. He was picked off once and never threw a touchdown pass. The Tide rushed 36 times for 112 yards and one touchdown.

"We're a physical, aggressive team, and that's our type of ball," he said. "At the end of the day I'm going to go with us. We're the most physical, the most tough. I don't think they go through what we go through in the winter with Coach Yox. I felt like we wanted it more. You've got to play the game the way the game is supposed to be played."

Blackmon said the team had a chapel service before the Ole Miss game and the speaker told the team to have an "I will" attitude. The players embraced that as their sideline motto and have used it in games since. They were saying it in the huddle Saturday night.

"We were talking about how it's not ‘I will try.' It's I will, he said. "We all had that attitude – that we can do it. We will do it. We're a team. When we come together, we're hard to beat. It's all about having faith."

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