Tuberville To Meet With President And AD

Coach Tommy Tuberville talks about his meeting on Monday to discuss the Auburn program and his recommendations for improvement.

Auburn, Ala.--Hoping to put an end to rampant speculation and continue the process of building the Auburn program to among the elite in the country, Coach Tommy Tuberville says that he is scheduled to meet with Athletic Director Jay Jacobs and Auburn University President Jay Gogue on Monday to discuss the future of the Auburn program.

"It will just be talking about the season," Tuberville says. "Of course the president will evaluate our performance and what we did and how we did it and what he thinks. I'll make some recommendations and we'll go from there."

While he chose not to specify what his recommendations would be in the meeting, Tuberville has made it no secret that he wants an upgrade in facilities for the program in addition to improved contracts for his assistant coaches. Those are among the things he's expected to talk about on Monday, but he says it may be some time before the finished product is announced even though they may come to an agreement pretty quickly..

"I think it's usually a three or four week process in terms of getting enough people together to the point to decide on anything," Tuberville says. "When I do contracts it usually takes two or three months. I imagine this will be a drawn out deal that going to last probably a month in terms of if anything is changed in the contract.

"I'm not saying anything is going to be changed," he adds. "But if you change anything in terms of any kind of contract with your assistants or with yourself there is a process you have to go through. There probably won't be anything released until it's approved. Several people have to approve anything."

Much of the talk has centered around the job opening at Texas A&M after Dennis Franchione resigned on Friday after the Aggies defeated Texas to close out the 2007 season. While his name continues to be mentioned with the job, Tuberville says he's not expecting to hear from the school any time soon.

"I don't expect to be contacted," Tuberville adds.

That may not be true of his assistant coaches though as several have been mentioned in previous years with job openings across the country and defensive coordinator Will Muschamp joining that list already this year. Tuberville says teams haven't talked to him yet, but he hopes they do show some interest in his staff, a staff that Tuberville says he has no interest in looking at changing over the next few weeks.

"I haven't been contacted," Tuberville says. "I would hope (he has to fight for them) because they're good guys. I was a coordinator one day and my aspirations were to be a head coach. I'm going to do every thing I can if there is interest. As I told them, you don't go out soliciting jobs. They'll come to you.

"If you start soliciting jobs you kind of lose focus of what you're doing. You want to be wanted. I've never known anybody that went out and threw their name around that was successful in getting a job. If you do a good job and people recognize the job that you do, then that's going to take care of itself. I'll make some phone calls here in the next week because I think there are some opportunities where I think some of my guys might fit in good."

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