Chick-fil-A Bowl Tickets Going "Fast"

Auburn, Ala.--Tim Jackson uses a one-word description to describe how Auburn's football ticket sales are going for the New Year's Eve Chick-fil-A Bowl.

"Fast," says Jackson, Auburn's executive associate athletic director. "They are selling fast."

Auburn and Clemson will resume an old football rivalry in that contest at the Georgia Dome. The bowl matchup was made official on Sunday. AU's ticket office has been a beehive of activity since then.

"We are allowing all of our members of Tigers Unlimited to order first," Jackson tells Inside the Auburn Tigers. "Then we have until Friday, Dec. 7. We will be processing their orders all week. If on Thursday if it looks like there will be any left for our public season ticket holders we will extend that offer to them, but right now it looks like our Tigers Unlimited holders are going to take all of the tickets. I am not even sure we will have enough to fill all of those.

"Right now we don't have a limit on the number of tickets Tigers Unlimited members can order," Jackson says. "We will limit them if we have to do refunds so that they (all Tigers Unlimited members) get some tickets.

"We are mailing out information to all of our Tigers Unlimited members today (Monday). We are depending so much now on emails and the internet. The last few years almost 90 percent of our postseason orders are done over the internet, which works good for us and the customer. We give them a little bit of a break financially if they order online and it allows us to get the tickets processed immediately so we know how many we have left. Of course, some people don't have internet access. That is why we are giving them to Friday.

"Also, what we do, too, if people have a hard time ordering on line even though we aren't taking phone orders people can call the ticket office and they will assist them with ordering the tickets on line," Jackson adds.

Auburn, which closed its regular season with a sixth straight victory over archrival Alabama, will bring an 8-4 mark into the contest vs. a 9-3 Clemson team coached by former Auburn assistant Tommy Bowden. Auburn's allotment of tickets is 15,700. Clemson is trying to find more tickets for its fans and the Peach Bowl has sold out of its tickets.

Jackson says the demand for tickets by Auburn fans is one of the highest he has seen, but notes he expected that. "I think we took 20,000 the last time we traveled to the Chick-fil-A Bowl," he says. "It is an easy bowl to travel to for so many of our fans and they know what the weather (indoors) is going to be like.

"The Chick-fil-A, even when it was the Peach Bowl, has always been a really big seller," Jackson adds. "The Clemson matchup is really attractive for us. Other than the BCS Sugar Bowl game, this is the hottest bowl ticket we have had."

Jackson says he expects a lot of Auburn fans in the Atlanta area will come up with tickets from corporations who purchased ticket blocks earlier this year.

Commenting on Auburn's tickets, he says, "We have a certain number of tickets in each price level. The $80 tickets are club level and from what I understand all of the team's tickets are in the end zone. We are making the club level tickets available to our scholarship donors and suiteholders first. If they don't take them all then we will pass that level on to our next level of priority of folks in TUF.

"The thing that is kind of tricky is that you have $70 and $60 tickets that you can order and nearly everybody is ordering $70 tickets because they are the lower level end zone tickets and the $60 tickets are the upper level," he says. "If we sell out of the $70s, and we probably will because everybody is picking those, then we will have go by priority and have to downgrade the $70 tickets to $60 tickets and we will let the folks know who are affected by that. We are trying to make sure we communicate that with all of them know."

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