Tigers vs. Tigers a Hot Bowl Matchup

A Chick-fil-A Bowl official discusses this year's game matching Auburn vs. Clemson.

Atlanta, Ga.--Gary Stokan, director of the Chick-fil-A Bowl, is more than a little bit excited about this year's matchup as Auburn prepares to play the Clemson Tigers on New Year's Eve at the Georgia Dome.

The ticket is proving to be a tough one to come up with--very tough. In an interview with Inside the Auburn Tigers, Stokan says he is not surprised.

"We have two passionate fan bases," he says. "This is arguably our quickest sellout once the tickets got to the teams. There will be an electric atmosphere on New Year's Eve at the Georgia Dome--that's for sure."

Auburn fans are certainly scrambling for tickets. It is unlikely that the AU ticket office will be able to come close to filling the demand. Stokan says even though the bowl itself has no more tickets to sell, anyone wanting to see the game should keep trying.

"A lot of people find ways to get tickets," he points out. "We were the number one ticket on StubHub last year. Ticket Exchange on Ticketmaster is one of our partners this year. We have found that after having all of these sellouts, there is a secondary market.

"I would advise people to go on Ticket Exchange at Ticketmaster if they don't get tickets from Auburn. We typically sell about 35,000 tickets locally before we announce the teams."

Unlike some bowl games that do a lot of local corporate sales of seats that aren't actually used, Stokan says there will be a packed house on New Year's Eve in the Georgia Dome. "We have a hard sellout," he says. "There will be people in the seats. To give you an example, last year we had 31,000 people at our fan fest. We feel like we will have a similar turnout this year."

Tommy Bowden, a former Auburn assistant coach, is head coach at Clemson. His Tigers have a 9-3 record.

Clemson is having trouble meeting its ticket demand, too, even though it received more tickets than Auburn. The bowl's contract with the ACC calls for that league's representative to get more tickets than the SEC team.

"In our negotiations with the two conferences, the ACC wanted more tickets for their university so they get 17,500 tickets and Auburn got 15,700 tickets," Stokan notes. "We are working to put more seats in the suites and we are trying to do whatever we can to see if we can possibly add seats in the dome."

Stokan says he is excited about the game featuring the Tigers of Clemson and the Tigers of Auburn. "The matchup is ranked very high on some of the websites," he notes. "Both teams are very similar. When you get an electric atmosphere like we will have in the soldout dome, plus you have the number of kids on both teams from the state of Georgia who have played on the same team or against each other, you get a higher level of play. We look forward to that.

"It will be a great way to spend New Year's Eve in the city of Atlanta, which is a great city," he adds, noting that next door to the Georgia Dome after the game will be the annual Peach Drop, a hot spot for ringing in the New Year. Stokan notes that there are other things to see and do nearby. "Now we have the aquarium, The World of Coke, the Children's Museum and the Louvre is over at the High Museum. There are more things to do. We hope the Auburn faithful come over and spend a few nights with us."

Stokan is also excited about the time slot for the game that will kick off at 6:30 p.m. CST on New Year's Eve. "We are the first Monday night football broadcast on ESPN after the NFL season," points out. "I think the game will have a huge TV rating."

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