Earning AU Degree "Big Deal," Center Says

Center Jason Bosley earned his Auburn degree in less than four years.

Auburn, Ala.--It's been a memorable year for Auburn offensive lineman Jason Bosley.

A junior in eligibility on the Tigers' football team this fall, he broke into the starting lineup and won praise for his performance throughout the season.

A senior in the classroom this fall, he took care of his academic business, too, and on Monday earned his degree in finance.

"It is real exciting for me," Bosley tells Inside the Auburn Tigers. "You come here to earn your degree and to work for 3 1/2 years to get it is really exciting. I plan to go back to school and take some information systems management systems classes and try to get a concentration in that for another year."

The Auburn center from Grissom High in Huntsville says he had a goal of earning his degree prior to starting his final season as a college football player. He did that with room to spare. "I wanted to try to graduate in under four years being here every summer and taking classes," he says.

"I thought about going to grad school, but I decided I didn't want to pursue that," Bosley adds. "I am looking forward to playing football for another year, pursuing my education and hopefully going out and getting a good job when I am done."

Bosley says the support he has received from his coaches and the athletic department academic staff is something he appreciates. "Brett Wohlers was always there along the way to help me out," he says of the academic counselor.

"Troy (Smith) and Virgil (Starks) are always really nice," the lineman says. "It is nice to come to a place where they take care of you and really look out for you. I appreciate all of they have done."

Wohlers and Smith are academic counselors who work for Starks, the senior associate athletic director for student-athlete support services.

The center notes that the football coaches have been very supportive. "It is a big deal to the coaches," he says. "When I left practice to go to graduation Coach Nall (offensive line coach Hugh Nall) told me congratulations and all of the offensive linemen started hooping and hollering, ‘Way to go, Bos,' so it was exciting. It is a big deal graduating from college. It opens up doors for the rest of your life."

Jason Bosley picked up his degree on Monday.

After heading home to celebrate Christmas after Tuesday's final on-campus practice of the season, Bosley will rejoin his teammates in Atlanta to resume preparations for the Chick-fil-A Bowl on New Year's Eve.

He notes the Tigers are expecting a tough test when they face Clemson. "It is going to be fun," he says. "The game sold out real quickly. There are going to be a lot of Auburn people there, a lot of Clemson people there. It should be a lot of fun. I am really excited about it."

Bosley says he is also excited about learning the new offensive system the Tigers are switching to with Tony Franklin taking over as coordinator. "There is a lot on me, but I am looking forward to it," he says.

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