Q&A With Robert Dunn

Robert Dunn talks with Inside the Auburn Tigers after his five-catch performance in Auburn's 23-20 Chick-fil-A Bowl win over Clemson.

What's up Robert?
"What I want to do right now is get like Chad Johnson and get real flamboyant with it. That's what I do. Nah, I'm not going to do that."

The third and long in the fourth quarter thrown right over the top of the corner into your hands... walk me through that play.
"I had been telling Coach (Tony Franklin) all game that #2 had been playing way inside and the corner was wide open. He made the call, (Brandon) Cox made a great pass and I got both feet in. I thought I was a little closer to the sideline than I was, but we got the first down and kept the drive alive."

What did you do when Kodi (Burns) scored the touchdown?
"I was on the field before he got in the end zone. I thought they were going to throw a flag. I was running out there, ‘Oh he's fixing to score!' I was looking at it on the screen. I just took off running. I was happy. I remember the last overtime game we had against South Florida. It was a heartbreaker. I know how those guys (Clemson) feel and my hat's off to them. They had a great team."

What was your reaction when Franklin was hired and you found out you'd be running this offense for the bowl game?
"I was kind of happy, but I was kind of puzzled. I was like, ‘How are we going to practice the whole offense in a span of two or three weeks?' We came out and grinded it in Auburn for two weeks and we came down here for a week of practice and everything turned out great. Everybody came in focused and we believed in the calls that the coaches were going to be making. Everything worked out pretty good."

Did you think it could be done?
"No doubt. I always have faith in the team no matter what plays we're calling. I always feel like coming into the game we're going to win. I don't care if we're playing the Patriots. You've got to beat me to make me believe that we're going to lose. We always had faith, it was just a matter of coming out and executing. The first quarter we came out and kind of had to work the kinks outs. In the second quarter we came out a little more relaxed and we knew what we were doing a little more."

Your position hasn't changed much, has it?
"I'm still in the slot and it's an ‘H-back' now. I used to be a ‘W' in the old offense, now it's changed to an ‘H.' It's pretty much the same thing with a lot of short routes and a couple of deep routes every now and then."

Seeing this system work after just nine practices, how about going into next year?
"Only time will tell."

Well is it a receivers offense? A running back's offense?
"This is everybody's offense. Everybody has a chance to make a play. That's the great thing about it. We don't have anybody on the team mad because they're not getting enough balls or playing time, because everybody has they're time to shine. If they're doing good Coach will leave you in and he'll get you the ball. There was a span where Mario Fannin couldn't get tackled, so Coach gave him the ball like five times in a row. Nobody is mad because everybody is touching the ball. Everybody gets touches. It works out great for everybody."

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