New Offense The "Perfect Situation" For WR

This speedy wide receiver talks about Auburn's new offense and where he fits into things.

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.--The unveiling of a new offense against Clemson in the Chick-fil-A Bowl didn't come as a total surprise to anyone that follows the Auburn Tigers with many of the current players talking excitedly about Coach Tony Franklin's system leading up to the game despite every attempt by Coach Tommy Tuberville to downplay the change.

If Clemson had been smart all they needed to do was talk to speedy wide receiver commitment Harry Adams. While he was still unsure of exactly what Auburn was going to do, he says he already had on good authority that the Tigers would be a different offense on New Year's Eve.

"That new offense, the spread, I love it as a receiver," Adams says. "I watched the game. I kind of had an idea because I knew they had an offensive coordinator from Troy. I know they run a spread offense and Coach (Eddie) Gran informed me of that too.

"When I saw them come out in a four wide receiver set and one running back I said ‘whoa, they're doing it now," Adams adds. "Then I saw them fake it to Mario Fannin and throw the ball down the field, that was pretty exciting right there."

One of the fastest players in the country with an electronic time of 10.3 seconds in the 100 meters dash, the 6-0, 180 Adams has been timed at sub 4.4 seconds in the 40-yard dash as well. With that speed he says he's looking forward to being used in a variety of ways similar to another player with the same physical numbers coming out of high school.

"It's the perfect situation," Adams says. "I can't wait until signing day. I just have to wait and see and work my way into the offense. I can see myself being like Percy Harvin in the offense. That would be a lot of fun to get used like that. It would be perfect."

This season Adams was used sparingly for a Panther offense that ran the ball almost exclusively. Catching just two touchdown passes and adding two more on kickoff returns, Adams says it's exciting to know that will change once he gets to Auburn.

"I'm pumped about the new offense," Adams says. "I'm looking forward to it."

With teams from all over the country hoping to get a visit, Adams says he plans to take it easy and begin preparing for the outdoor track season this spring and won't visit anywhere else. He adds a message to Auburn fans ready to see him play next season on the Plains.

"I'm done," Adams says. "I'm not taking any more visits. I'm just waiting for signing day. Tell the Auburn fans I'm coming and I'm going to light it up. Let the fans know that."

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