Visit Boosts Auburn's Chances Says Savage

Defensive prospect Jomarcus Savage talks about his visit to Auburn over the weekend and the exciting news the Auburn coaches had for him about his future position should he choose the Tigers.

Huntsville, Ala.--Looking for help on the defensive side of the ball, the Auburn Tigers are recruiting several interesting prospects that could help at a number of positions on the next level. One of those is big defensive end Jomarcus Savage from J.O. Johnson High.

A physical prospect that was a standout at an Auburn summer camp, Savage says that his visit went great and really put the Tigers in a good spot with two visits still remaining for him.

"Everything went fine," Savage says. "It went real well. The first night I had a lot of fun hanging out with Sen'Derrick (player host Sen'Derrick Marks). We had fun hanging out with the team.

"Saturday I spent a lot of time with Coach Dunn (Don Dunn) and Coach Price (Terry Price). We had our individual meetings. I went in there with Coach Price and he was showing me a lot of my role if I came to Auburn."

Spending time with Marks let Savage get a chance to know the player that many people compare him to on the field. He adds that the two got along well and realized they are more alike than even people thought.

"It was great," Savage says. "We relate so much. Every time I talk with someone from Auburn they compare us in playing style. Now after I got there they are comparing us character-wise. It was fun. I actually hung out with Tray Blackmon too because that's his roommate."

The biggest news of the weekend for Savage came when talking with the coaches. Despite being 6-3 and almost 270 pounds, Savage says that Auburn told him he would be used in a number of different ways because of his combination of size and speed. That was music to the ears of Savage.

"It kind of surprise me because I thought about me playing defensive tackle or defensive end," Savage says. "I would be playing a little d-end, but he kind of wanted me as a buck linebacker so I would be standing up a lot. That surprised me a little bit, but that's what I wanted to do.

"That was real exciting," he adds. "It was real persuasive. I didn't really have any expectations coming in so when I came in and the way everybody treated me, it wasn't like they were trying to sell me a dream. Everybody was straight up and forward and honest with me. That's what I liked about it."

Following the visit Savage says that Auburn became even more of a player for him with visits left for Tennessee and South Carolina in the coming weeks.

"They kind of boosted up a little bit for me," Savage says. "We'll have to wait until after next week after I go to Knoxville. It should be pretty interesting."

The one concern for Savage is the fact that Auburn doesn't have a defensive coordinator in place at the moment. While it is a question, he says in the long run it won't make much of a difference for him because he knows whoever takes the job will be a good coach.

"It worries me a little, but not really because I know Tub will probably get somebody good in like they always do," Savage says. "They didn't give any indication that they knew when they were going to hire one. Pretty much they were telling me how my play is perfect for the scheme they run."

Savage says he plans to make a decision either immediately following his visit to South Carolina in two weeks or on signing day. No matter what happens though some school will get a good late recruiting present when it lands Savage.

"I'll probably be going to South Carolina for the Martin Luther King weekend," Savage says. "It's just those three (Auburn and Tennessee).

"I'll probably have my mind made up the week after I leave South Carolina," he adds. "I'll probably announce on signing day where it will be."

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