Q and A With Henderson Following Vol Visit

Auburn commitment Cameron Henderson talks about his visit to Tennessee and where he stands following the trip.

We just wanted to check and see if you made your visit to Tennessee. How did it go?
Henderson: "It was fine."

What stood out about the visit to you?
Henderson: "Probably meeting the coaches."

Where do you stand now after the visit?
Henderson: "The same."

So you're still committed to Auburn?
Henderson: "Right."

So is it as strong as ever?
Henderson: "Yes it is."

What were your reasons for taking a visit to Tennessee?
Henderson: "It was to keep my options open really."

Do you have any more visits scheduled?
Henderson: "I have one next week to Ole Miss?"

What would you have to see to make you change your mind? Would it take something really big?
Henderson: "Yes. It would."

Have you talked to the Auburn coaches lately? Henderson: "I haven't talked to them today. I usually talk to them about every other day."

What is it about Auburn that you like so much right now?
Henderson: "It's not one thing. It's everything really."

So how is basketball season going?
Henderson: "It's going fine. We're 17-7 right now. I'm averaging 10 points and 6 rebounds a game."

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