Q&A With Cornerback George Baker

George Baker, a cornerback prospect out of Archbishop Carol High School in Miami, talks with Inside the Auburn Tigers about trying to make a final decision.

George Baker committed to Auburn on his official visit on Sept. 3. He has since taken officials to Rutgers (Dec. 14), Central Florida (Jan. 11) and South Florida (Jan. 25) and has a decision to make before signing day on Feb. 6.

Where do you stand right now as far as making a college decision?
Baker: "I'm still kind of undecided. I'm going to make my final decision on signing day."

Which are the top schools on your list right now?
Baker: "Auburn, Rutgers, South Florida and UCF."

You've taken an official visit to all of the schools, right?
Baker: "Yes sir."

Are you planning on taking a fifth official?
Baker: "No. I'm done."

What exactly are you looking for in a college? What's going to be the deciding factor for you?
Baker: "The college I feel more comfortable at. The college I feel more comfortable with the coaches, the players, and the whole atmosphere around the college."

What about your family... have they been trying to influence you to go to a school?
Baker: "My mom is just telling me that whatever school I choose to go to, she's going to be happy. She's going to be happy with it 100 percent."

And are your friends trying to influence you one way or another?
Baker: "Yeah. They tell me this and that, but I say, ‘You're not going to be at the school for the next four years of yours of life. It's going to be me.'"

Baker showed off his speed at a senior camp at Auburn over the summer.

Being committed to Auburn, what are some things about Auburn that you really like?
Baker: "They're an SEC school and I like that. If I end up going there, they need corners so I'll probably be able to come in early and help them out at the cornerback position."

As far as Rutgers, South Florida and Central Florida, what do those schools offer that Auburn doesn't?
Baker: "All of the schools need corners. When I went on my visits to those schools, I liked those schools too."

With Auburn and Rutgers on your list, will location have an impact on your decision?
Baker: "No."

Since you committed to Auburn, have you and coach Eddie Gran stayed in constant contact?
Baker: "Yes. I just talked to him on Monday. He just says that he wants what is best for me. He just tells me to follow my heart."

Have coaches from all of these schools come down to your house to visit you lately?
Baker: "This last week (before signing day), I'm not having any coaches coming in. My mom canceled all of them. My mom... she's tired. We've had coaches coming every weekend so I canceled the others. The coaches are going to up to the school to see me. I'm not going to have any in-house visits this week."

Which coaches are going to be coming by the school?
Baker: "Coach (Larry) Scott and Coach (Troy) Douglas from are coming by on Wednesday. From Auburn, Eddie Gran is supposed to be coming by Thursday. Coach Demo (Chris Demarest) and Coach (Greg) Schiano from Rutgers are coming by on Thursday, and Coach (David) Kelly and Coach (George) O'Leary from UCF are coming by Thursday, too."

With Auburn changing defensive coordinators here lately from Will Muschamp to Paul Rhoads, have you had a chance to talk with Coach Gran about that?
Baker: "He (Rhoads) came down to the school with Eddie Gran last week. I got a chance to talk to with him and get to know him a little bit. For the first time I met him, I liked him, but I'm planning on getting to know him a little bit.

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