Todd Sidelined Until Further Evaluation

Chris Todd and Tony Franklin discuss Todd's injured throwing shoulder.

Auburn, Ala.—Chris Todd had hoped to enter spring practice as one of the new faces of the Auburn offense and leave spring as the projected starting quarterback. It's apparent after the first week of drills that it is unlikely because of injured throwing shoulder suffered during the 2007 season at Hutchinson, Kan., Community College.

"It was an grade-three separation in the AC joint," Todd says of his injury suffered late in the season. "It's something from a couple of months ago and we've been rehabbing it ever since I got here (to Auburn). It felt like it was getting better and we thought it was progressing. I thought it was further along than it is.

"The first day (of practice last Sunday) it didn't tell as much because I held back," Todd continues. "The next day I decided to go ahead and try to throw some more balls. That's where I could really tell where it really wasn't back yet.

"I've gotten it scanned a couple of times there and here," Todd says of getting an MRI. "We thought it was progressing and it felt like it was. We did (an MRI) before when it happened. (Another scan) depends on how it comes along. If it comes along good and hopefully that'll be the case, then we won't have to get another one. It just depends on what happens here in the next little bit."

The injury wasn't thought to be serious enough to hold him out of drills, and Todd threw in the first three practices of spring from Sunday through Thursday. However, he didn't throw a single ball Friday afternoon, but still participated in some of the non-throwing drills. Offensive coordinator Tony Franklin says that Todd won't throw again at practice until the shoulder gets re-evaluated.

"I know that the medical people will have to look at it and figure out what the problem is because it's a mystery to him, it's a mystery to me," Franklin explains. "He's doesn't have pain and he can't throw. As I said yesterday (Thursday), he doesn't have any zip on the ball. He had better zip when he was in middle school than he does now. It's frustrating for him and we just want to find out what's wrong with him and see if we can get him better. Maybe it's just having all of that time off and throwing a bunch of balls maybe, and it just went dead.

"It's never been good since he got here," Franklin continues. "It's never been the way it was when he was a junior in high school. That's what we want. We've got to do whatever we can to get him to where he's got a chance to compete. Right now he doesn't have a chance because he can't make most of the throws. He can only make the little short 10-yard meshes right in front of him. He can throw an outside curl, he can't throw a post, he can't throw a corner, so he's got to get to where he can do those things."

Auburn's scrimmage on Saturday is still expected to be 150-plus plays according to head coach Tommy Tuberville. Neil Caudle, Kodi Burns and DeRon Furr will share snaps from at quarterback.

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