Todd Taking It Slow

Junior college transfer quarterback Chris Todd talks about his injured shoulder and when he hopes to return to practice.

Auburn, Ala.--Getting an MRI done is not the most pleasant experience in the world as Chris Todd found out this week, but the news he received following the examination made it worthwhile said the junior college transfer.

"It's feeling a lot better," Todd said. "We went and got it checked out. Structurally it's pretty good. There are a few things that are still weak in there. We just have to rehab it and take it slowly. I think the biggest deal was I had only been rehabbing for about a month. We were throwing balls in practice and I was throwing a bunch of extra balls just trying to get it in shape. Sometimes you want to get back faster than you should. I think I've got to take it slower and I'll get back. That's what I'm going to do."

Injuring the shoulder during is sophomore season at Hutchinson (Kan.) Community College, Todd began to rehab before arriving in Auburn. He said that while he thought he was improving his shoulder, he actually wasn't helping to heal things properly and he found that out once the Tigers started spring practice.

"I was doing what they said, we just weren't taking the right steps," Todd said. "I wasn't educated on what we had to do. I was doing what I was told. I thought I was getting better, but I really wasn't. Really the only time I have been rehabbing it is since I've been here."

Now on the right track to get back on the field, Todd said the doctors told him that everything should be fine for him to resume practicing in the near future for the Tigers as long as he does things the proper way in his rehab and once he begins throwing once again.

"That's what I wanted to hear," Todd said. "Around the AC joint you want all that to be good. I think everything is feeling all right. That's the big thing.

"Structurally I think there was a weak cuff," he added. "I think the labrum is kind of worn, but that's just from throwing a lot of balls. They said that would be fine.

Unable to throw at the moment, Todd is still a big part of things on the practice field as he stands behind the quarterback on most plays and carries out his reads and fakes as if he was in the game. He said that's just something he wants to do so he can stay up to date on what the offense is doing and also show teammates that he'll be ready when the time comes.

"You kind of have to come out and try to be a leader," Todd said. "You try to keep everything the same. You try to do everything you would during practice except get out there and throw. It's keeping the same routine."

While he won't take part in Saturday's second spring scrimmage, Todd is getting closer to being back on the field and getting reps. He said when he does he's not going to rush things because he wants to make sure he's ready for the long haul and that is the 2008 season.

"I hope to get back as soon as possible," Todd said. "I have been asking them every day when I can come back. I feel good and I want to come back, but I want to be smart about it and make sure it's healthy and you don't do something again. As soon as I can get out there I'll be out there."

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