Scrimmage Drive Summaries and Statistics

Drive summaries and stats from Auburn's pass-heavy scrimmage on Thursday.

Drive Summaries

Drive 1
Burns, 1st Team
-30 to TD
6 plays, 70 yards, TD

Starting at the -30 (own 30), Kodi Burns led the offense down the field for a touchdown. The starting offensive line for the scrimmage, from left to right, was Lee Ziemba, Tyronne Green, Jason Bosley, Byron Isom and Ryan Pugh while all of the running backs in the scrimmage were walk-ons. Burns hit a third and eight pass to Rod Smith early in the drive, then connected with Trott over the middle for 20 yards. He then found Gabe McKenzie downfield on a deep post for 25 yards. Mike McNeil separated McKenzie from the ball, but it was still ruled a completion. Burns then found a wide open Terrell Zachery in the end zone for nine yards. The starting defense was Michael Goggans, Sen'Derrick Marks, Mike Blanc, Antoine Carter, Craig Stevens, Tray Blackmon, Merrill Johnson, Jerraud Powers, Walter McFadden, Zac Etheridge and McNeil.

Drive 2
Caudle, 2nd Team
-30 to -30
3 plays, 0 yards, Downs

Caudle's first shot ended on a three-and-out as he slipped on third and five. The second team offensive line, from left to right, was Andrew McCain, Kyle Coulahan, Mike Berry, Bart Eddins and Jared Cooper. It was ones versus ones and twos versus twos for the 100-or-so play scrimmage.

Drive 3
Todd, 1st Team
-30 to -28
3 plays, -2 yards, Downs

Todd threw incomplete to McKenzie on first down and Montez Billings dropped a fade from Todd on second. Craig Stevens got to the QB for a sack on third and 10.

Drive 4
Burns, 2nd Team
-30 to -29
3 plays, -1 yard, Downs

The second time through the order, the quarterbacks are matched with and against different units. Second team middle linebacker Josh Bynes, who is coming on this spring, broke up a pass over the middle on first down. The drive ended when Burns overthrew Chris Slaughter on a corner route on third and long. It was the third straight three-and-out stop for the defense.

Drive 5
Caudle, 1st Team
-30 to -24
3 plays, -6 yards, Downs

A fourth straight three-and-out, Hugh Nall wasn't pleased when Aairon Savage came off the corner untouched for a sack on third and 11.

Drive 6
Todd, 2nd Team
-30 to TD
7 plays, 70 yards, TD

One of the most impressive drives of the day offensively, Todd led the team 70 yards in seven plays, all passing, for a TD. He connected with Zachery on third and eight for 18 yards down the sideline and again for six from midfield. Slaughter and Quindarius Carr had back-to-back grabs and Todd lofted one in the corner for Slaughter for the score from 10 yards out.

Drive 7
Burns, 1st Team
-30 to -18
3 plays, -12 yards, Downs

Marks and Stevens ended this drive in a hurry with a pair of sacks. Burns is handicapped a bit more than the other QBs when they're wearing the orange non-contact jerseys.

Drive 8
Caudle, 2nd Team
-30 to +22
6 plays, 48 yards, FG

Berry's snap over Caudle's head to start the drive was ruled a do-over, and Caudle put together a decent drive. He hit Charles Olatunji for 19, scrambled for 15 on another bad snap and got in field goal range on a catch by James Swinton. Wes Byrum and Morgan Hull both connected from 39 yards.

Drive 9
Todd, 1st Team
-15 to -14
3 plays, -1 yard, Downs

McFadden almost had six when Todd's first down screen to Smith went through the receiver's hands. Carter sacked Todd on second down and Todd settled for nine yards to Billings on third and 20 when nothing was open down field.

Drive 10
Burns, 2nd Team
-15 to -9
3 plays, -6 yards, Downs

After a pair of incompletions by Burns, redshirt freshman A.J. Greene got in the backfield for a sack to force a three-and-out.

Drive 11
Caudle, 1st Team
50 to +48
3 plays, 2 yards, Downs

Starting at midfield Caudle threw an incomplete screen on first down and missed Billings on third.

Drive 12
Todd, 2nd Team
-5 to -32
5 plays, 27 yards, Downs

Brent Slusher dropped a deep out from Todd on first down. However, Olatunji slipped by Ryan Williams and Todd found him for 26 yards on a fade to move the ball from the -5 to the -31. The drive ended when Chris Evans sacked Todd on third and one.

Drive 13
Todd and Burns, 1st Team
-40 to -29
4 plays, -11 yards, Downs

Blanc had a good scrimmage rushing the passer, as well as Marks. The two got to Todd on first down, Ziemba had false start on third and the DT duo sacked Burns again.

Drive 14
Caudle, 2nd Team
50 to +44
3 plays, 6 yards, Downs

Caudle ran twice and threw incomplete on third and four.

Drive 15
Todd, 1st Team
-20 to -5
3 plays, -15 yards, Downs

Starting from the -20, Marks and Stevens continued to find holes in the first team offensive line with a 10-yard sack to start the drive. Stevens got to Todd in the end zone on second down, but the ball was spotted at the two as Todd probably would have gotten rid of the ball in live contact. A third down draw play didn't go anywhere.

Drive 16
Burns, 2nd Team
-40 to TD
10 plays, 60 yards, TD

Starting from the -40, Burns finally got the offense going in the right direction after defensive dominance for a good while during the scrimmage. However, the drive was nearly over before it could get started. There was miscommunication between Burns and Carr, and a would-be pick six was dropped by Williams. Burns regrouped and hit Olatunji for 15 yards on third and eight to keep the drive alive. Olatunji had a good scrimmage and showed some moves after the catch getting up field. Running backs Davis Hooper (#25) and Mike Gibson (#41) got several touches as the offense marched down field. After Olatunji's catch, Gibson took a screen 17 yards as he picked up a block from Eddins, who hit an unsuspecting Clayton for the collision of the day. Burns also had a 13-yard run on a draw around right end and he capped off the drive with a one-yard scoring run.

Drive 17
Caudle, 1st Team
+40 to TD
1 play, 40 yards, TD

With favorable starting field position from here on out, the offense got into a rhythm, wore the defense down and started having some success. Caudle underthrew a deep pass for Trott down field, who was working in coverage against McFadden. The junior TE went up for the catch and fought his way the final five yards for a 40-yard score.

Drive 18
Todd, 2nd Team
+25 to +25
3 plays, 0 yards, Downs

Starting at the +25, another drop by Slusher in the middle of the zone ended the drive. Byrum missed short from 48 and Hull's attempt hit the right upright.

Drive 19
Burns, 1st Team
+30 to +31
2 plays, -1 yard, Interception

Walk-on running back Ryan Hastie carried for a loss of one on first down from the +30. On second down Burns threw down the sideline toward the goal line for Smith, but Jerraud Powers made the adjustment and snarled the ball off his own shoulder for the interception. It was the only interception of the scrimmage.

Drive 20
Caudle, 2nd Team
+30 to TD
4 plays, 30 yards, TD

The big play of the drive was a 23-yard pass from Caudle to a wide open Montez Billings down to the six-yard line. Despite a solid hit from Courtney Harden, Hooper scored from one-yard out on second down.

Drive 21
Todd, 1st Team
+25 to TD
5 plays, 25 yards TD

Todd, Trott and Marks were three of the stars of the scrimmage and this drive was indicative of that. Marks went around Isom for a sack on first down. On third and 15, Todd was flushed out of the pocket and threw to a wide open Trott for 20 yards for new life. He threw high for Carr on a slant on first down, but hit Trott for a 10-yard score on a quick post on second down.

Drive 22
Burns, 2nd Team
+25 to TD
2 plays, 25 yards, TD

Blanc again got in the backfield on first down and would have had a sack in live action. Burns was able to throw incomplete on first down Hooper outraced Jonathan Vickers to the corner of the end zone on a screen pass for a 30-yard score. Hooper picked up some downfield blocks from Berry and Eddins on the play.

Drive 23
Caudle, 1st Team
+25 to TD
3 plays, 25 yards, TD

Zachery might be the most pleasant surprise of the spring while Caudle put together a solid scrimmage. The two hooked up for five yards on second and 10 from the +25. On third down, Caudle threw to Zachery on a drag and the sophomore turned up field and raced between the defensive backs for a 20-yard TD reception, his second score of the day.

Drive 24
Todd, 2nd Team
+25 to TD
4 plays, 25 yards, TD

Another impressive drive led by Todd, the junior was 4-4 for all 25 yards on this scoring drive. Todd connected with Gibson for 13, Swinton for six, Billlings for four and then finished the drive with a two-yard slant to Billings.

Drive 25
Burns, 1st Team
+15 to +15
4 plays, 0 yards, FG

Following five straight touchdown drives, the defense stepped up against Burns and the first team offense. Burns threw incomplete all four tosses. Byrum and Hull were both good from 40.

Drive 26
Caudle, 2nd Team
+15 to TD
3 plays, 15 yards, TD

Unlike the first scrimmage of the spring, the second ended on a positive play. Driving 15 yards in three plays, Carr got on the scoreboard with an impressive one-handed grab in traffic in the end zone.

Stats, per AU Media Relations

Rushing: Gibson 5-19; Caudle 9-9; Hooper 6-8, TD; Hastie 2-1; Burns 9- -3, TD; Todd 7- -57

Passing: Todd 17-25-0, 168 yards, 3 TD; Caudle 10-14-0, 142, 3 TD; Burns 7-19-1, 122, 2 TD

Receiving: Olatunji 5-79; Billings 5-42, TD; Trott 4-90, 2 TD; Zachery 4-46, 2 TD; Smith 3-29; Slaughter 2-27, TD; Gibson 2-25; Carr 2-22, TD; Swinton 2-16; Hooper 1-30, TD; McKenzie 1-28; John Cubelic 1-5; Hastie 1-0

Defensive: Evans 2 solo-9 assists-11 total, TFL, Sack; Bynes 2-8-10, TFL, Sack; Harden 1-7-8; Marks 3-3-6, 3 TFL, 3 Sacks; Aairon Savage 2-3-5, TFL, Sack; Williams 1-3-4, 2 PBU; Etheridge 1-3-4; Vickers 0-4-4; Ryan Burse 0-4-4; Greene 0-4-4; Blanc 2-1-3, 2 TFL, 2 Sacks; Stevens 1-2-3, TFL, Sack; Goggans 1-2-3, TFL; Blackmon 1-2-3, TFL; Johnson 0-3-3, TFL; McFadden 1-2-3; Mike Slade 1-2-3; Luke Farmer 0-3-3; Carter 1-1-2, TFL, Sack; Powers 0-1-1, Int.; Clayton 1-0-1, TFL; McNeil 0-1-1

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