Scott A Complete Back, Says Coach

Dixie County Coach Brett Wilkerson talks about Auburn's latest commitment.

Commenting on his star running back and newest Auburn commitment Rodney Scott, Dixie County Coach Brett Wilkerson says Auburn is getting a running back that is more than just speed.

"To me he's a complete running back," Wilkerson says. "He's not a scatback. Some people want to consider him an all-purpose back, but to me he's a running back. He's a plant that foot running back, but his speed is where they get that from. He doesn't get caught from behind.

"When he hits the hole he's running as fast as he can go. He's at top speed in about two steps and if he gets downhill you're not going to catch him. He's a homerun threat, but also carried the ball for us about 30 times a game. He can take the physical nature of it too."

While not a huge back, at 5-9, 190 pounds, Scott is a player that has been durable for Dixie County with over 4,000 career rushing yards, including a school record 2,017 in 2007. Wilkinson says Auburn is getting a complete back in Scott.

"He's a good all-around running back," he notes. "A lot of people consider him a speed back and they talk about his hips and feet, and he does have great hips and feet, but what I love about him is how physical he is. He knows how to plant his foot when it's time to get north and south. He knows how to attack inside shoulders. He's a kid that hardly ever runs out of bounds. He's going to get every yard he can."

While his size may very well lend to him being a perfect fit for Tony Franklin's spread attack at Auburn, his high school coach says in his mind Scott is a perfect fit for any offensive system and will be a dynamic player for the Tigers for years to come.

"I actually think he's about a perfect fit in any offense," he says. "He can do pretty much anything you ask a running back to do. We run the "I" with him. We run a little bit of spread and some zone reads and some wraps, some stuff that Auburn is running now. He ran all that great.

"You can put him in the "I" and he runs downhill. He's got enough speed to get outside. He doesn't get caught from behind. To me he's a good mixture in any offense. The only thing he'll have to work on a little bit are his receiving skills and that's not his fault that's ours because we haven't asked him to catch the ball out of the backfield a lot. I know he can do it. We throw the ball to him some. Last year against Madison County he had close to 200 yards receiving against them."

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