Coach Discusses AU Recruit's Possibilities

A report on an Auburn men's basketball prospect is featured.

Spartanburg, S.C.--Spartanburg Methodist College head basketball coach Rob Burke says he is optimistic that Brendon Knox will take care of his academic business this summer that will allow the six-foot-10 center to transfer to Auburn for the 2008-2009 season.

"I have enjoyed my two years with Brendon," Burke tells Inside the Auburn Tigers. "He had a really good sophomore year. I think if he will progress with Auburn like he progressed for us the past two years, I think he will be a really effective player for Auburn."

Knox averaged 12 points and 9.6 rebounds per game this past season.

"He is a natural back to the basket guy," says Burke, noting that Knox is an excellent shot blocker at the center position. "He is a good defensive player who can rebound well and run the floor.

"His back to the basket moves really improved while he has been here and he has become a much bigger offensive threat," the coach says. "He is a guy we tried to go to late in games down the stretch because we knew we could get a bucket from him."

Burke says that the reason Knox is still working on qualifying is because he changed his curriculum. He is taking two courses, history and physical science. If he takes care of those subjects he will be ready to play for Jeff Lebo's Tigers, Burke notes.

"We knew coming into his sophomore year that he would need the first session of summer school to make that happen (graduate) so him going to summer school is not a surprise to us," Burke points out. "We knew that from a logistical standpoint."

Burke says the center is doing well in school this summer. "I am going to monitor that closely and I am here with him every day," he says. "Our program's reputation is at stake and we want to make sure Brandon knows that and is committed to make that happen. I don't think he wants to let anybody down.

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