Q&A With Auburn's Newest Commitment

We have a question and answer session with Auburn's newest commitment Aaron Moore.

Frisco, Tex.--Auburn's latest football vebal commitment, Aaron Moore from Centennial High, took some time on Thursday night to chat with Inside The Auburn Tigers. The following is our interview with the offensive lineman.

ITAT: When did you make the decision to commit to Auburn?
Moore: "It was on Monday. I had just gotten back from the camp. I got a phone call from my head coach and he told me Tony Franklin was interested. The only problem was they didn't know if I would be interested."

ITAT: Did you have to tell them you were interested before the offer came?
Moore: "I have been interested in Auburn since before I went to the camp. As soon as I heard that they were interested in making an offer I immediately said yes."

ITAT: You said you had been interested in Auburn since before coming to the camp. Did it help to solidify things for you?
Moore: "Auburn is a huge school. Out of all the other schools I have been to it's just the biggest and the best. None of the other schools can hold a candle to it."

ITAT: What other schools have been talking with you?
Moore: "Baylor, Texas Tech, TCU, Kansas, Nebraska, Tulsa and UTEP"

ITAT: Any other offers yet?
Moore: "No sir. Baylor was on the verge of offering but they wanted to wait until their camp."

ITAT: Talk about having the chance to work with coach (Hugh) Nall and that experience.
Moore: "It was good. I didn't know much about the coaches. The only one I knew was Tony Franklin because our high school hosts his Tony Franklin Camp every year. That's really the only thing I knew about the coaching staff. I met Coach Nall and he's a pretty good guy. He worked with me some one on one. The difference really is that Auburn was the first school to want me for offensive line. TCU wanted me as a tight end and all of the other schools wanted me as a defensive lineman. I think that made a huge difference in getting the offer."

ITAT: Do you feel like offensive tackle is your best spot down the road?
Moore: "Probably"

ITAT: Is playing in Tony Franklin's system an advantage for you down the road?
Moore: "I think it may give me an advantage over the other kids because I'm stepping in knowing what to do. It should help me during the practices and maybe get a better spot that I would coming in. I was one of the smallest kids at the camp and I'm sure that will hurt me a little bit being a smaller guy, but I know they are wanting small and quicker offensive linemen to run that fast-paced offense. I don't know if my size may actually help me."

ITAT: What's your size right now?
Moore: "I'm 6-5 and 255 pounds."

ITAT: Your coach said you were a very athletic guy with a 4.8 40-yard dash, good bench press and can play on both sides of the ball. Have you always been a natural athlete like that?
Moore: "I wouldn't say I'm 100 percent born with talent. I've got a little brother who is just an all-around athlete at six years old. I think I have had to work to where I am. Growing up with a dad who knows what's going on and my work ethic have put me where I am."

ITAT: Did your dad play ball?
Moore: "He had a knee injury in high school. He was one heck of a running back. He was running for a touchdown and a guy stepped off the sidelines and broke his knee. He's been done ever since then."

ITAT: Talk about your plans for the rest of the summer. Are you going to take any other camp visits or are you done?
Moore: "I was done as soon as I got off the phone with Auburn. I have been going to strength and conditioning camp. I'm just going to finish that up and focus on the next year."

ITAT: Do you have plans to come to a game at Auburn next fall and which one?
Moore: "Oh yeah, definitely. I really want to make the LSU game."

ITAT: Having watched games on TV do you try to imagine what it will be like during a game?
Moore: "The school I go to we've had a losing season. We're still a fairly brand new school. Coming out of the tunnel at my school versus Auburn will be two different things. Going from 100 fans to 90,000 will be unreal."

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