AU Summer Football Photo Gallery 13

Shots of the ongoing construction projects taking place at the Auburn football complex are featured in this gallery.

The entrance to the updated football locker rooms at Auburn.

There are four rows of lockers in this style with each two sharing a common sitting area as well as featuring drying racks on top.

The lounge is located in the middle of the locker room and is currently in the process of getting new furniture. It features a very large widescreen television for the players to enjoy before and after practices.

Auburn's new whirlpool room features both hot and cold tubs for the athletes to use for recovery purposes.

Another shot of the cold and hot tubs.

Auburn's coaches' offices have been renevated as well. Each feature new furniture as well as flat screen televisions that can be used for watching video through the new system recently installed at Auburn.

Another view of the rest of the same office minus the computer desk and terminal.

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