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For all of the news, notes and updates from SEC Media Days, stay tuned to this blog throughout the day on Friday.

8:55 a.m.

* Tommy Tuberville spoke with all of the Auburn beat writers this morning and had some news to report. "Bo Harris is no longer with us," the head coach said. "He's a good football player, but it just hasn't worked out."

* Andre Wadley, who got overheated in a summer workout, probably won't be ready to start practice on August 2nd. The doctors are still trying to figure out what happened.

* Tuberville says his team will have one "starting quarterback." It looks like both Kodi Burns and Chris Todd will both play, but they want to have one they can call the starter. Neil Caudle may also play.

* Mario Fannin dislocated his shoulder during a spring scrimmage and had surgery to repair the damage. He may be moved to outside receiver to protect that shoulder, but Tuberville says that Fannin is 100 percent.

* Tez Doolittle, who tore his Achilles, says he's 100 percent while the doctors say he's 95 percent.

* Tuberville expects at least a couple of true freshmen to play in the secondary. Harry Adams and D'Antoine Hood are two likely candidates according to the head coach. Aairon Savage is flexible to play both corner and safety this year, but will be competing for a starting cornerback role in August.

* All of the coaches will be paying close attention to the amount of reps in August. Normally the Tigers practice a set amount of 5 minute periods that are organized prior to practice. However, with the amount of reps Tony Franklin's offense does in a short period of time, practice time is going to be counted by both time and reps. "We want to make it to Aug. 30 and not be physically spent. You want to practice like you're in the game, but you want to make sure you get there." Tuberville added that walk-ons, newcomers and the overall depth of the squad will be helpful this August.

10:40 a.m.

Kentucky receiver Dicky Lyons, Jr. was a hit at SEC media days. He can dressed in a black suite, blue shirt and Bugs Bunny tie. "He'll wine and dine you, but Bugs Bunny is a classy guy when he needs to be." Lyons also wore only his second of two Music City Bowl rings. "My fiancé said it was cheesy to wear two rings."

Lyons was the class clown at SEC Media Days on Friday.

Lyons was asked if he got tired of hearing about Tim Tebow and Matthew Stafford. The writers didn't get quite the response they anticipated. "Actually I had a dream about Matt Stafford last night," Lyons remarked. "Do ya'll want to hear it?" Lyons went into great detail about his dream that involved his fiancé, Stafford and Georgia backup QB Blake Barnes, who all met recently at a Peyton Manning Passing Camp. Lyons said he's been having dreams about his fiancé leaving him, "but that's normal according to Cosmo." In his dream he found his fiancé at a bar with Stafford and Barnes. They got into a scuffle but Lyons got out of it. "I knew all of these Army Ranger chokeholds in my dream." Lyons sent Stafford a text message this morning saying, "You're in my dreams," but hasn't gotten a reply.

Lyons had good things to his head coach Rich Brooks. He said no other coach could have done what Brooks has done with Kentucky the last two years, which is lead the Wildcats to back-to-back eight win seasons. Brooks was involved in a boating accident in Eugene, Oregon in June. A strong current capsized his boat, but everyone involved was fine. One hot topic at media days is how long Brooks will coach at Kentucky. "He'll coach until Joker (Phillips) comes along with a pen an pops his life vest," Lyons joked.

Junior cornerback Trevard Lindley was named a second team All-SEC cornerback by the media. Lyons, however, says that Lindley is worthy of being a first team All-American.

The other player representing Kentucky at media days is defensive end Jeremy Jarmon, also a second team All-SEC selection. Having Lyons and Jarmon at media days is ironic, as both were cut off from talking to the media during their freshmen seasons for inappropriate comments. "We've grown a lot and understand the importance of what you say to people," Jarmon said.

Jarmon is a 6-3, 280-pound end, who is pretty quick off the corner despite his size. He grew up in Germantown, Tenn., and was not offered by the in-state Volunteers. His top schools were Kentucky, Ole Miss and Memphis. "Base on the so-called experts, I was a two-star prospect, whatever that means." Jarmon was just 6-3, 240 during his senior season at Houston High School. Fulmer told Jarmon that they strongly considered offering a scholarship, but had to pass. "Fulmer told me, ‘You're going to be a heck of a player when you grow into your feet.'"

11:00 a.m.

Tuberville's name was misspelled on the projection screen prior to taking the podium. Several cameramen/camerawomen took pictures and someone from the SEC got it changed to the correct spelling.

Tuberville, who has been hanging out at the Wynfrey Hotel on and off for the last three days, said he was doing good this morning until he find out his Tigers had been picked by the media to win the West. "You guys are never right," he joked. Tuberville also mentioned that it's not normal to have a team predicted to win a division after losing a three-year starting quarterback.

He mentioned again that he wanted to have a "starting" quarterback, but that QB in this offense wouldn't be like Tim Tebow. The quarterback will run the ball in this offense, but not nearly as much as the Florida QB does. "We're a tailback running team, not a quarterback-running team. Our game plan is to go into this season using our running backs and offense line."

Tuberville was asked how Tony Franklin's offense will affect running back recruiting. "It's not going to hurt us because we're still going to run the ball," he remarked. "We just have to prove that." The system will also make quarterback recruiting easier because "it's the offense of the future at the high school level," Tuberville noted.

He gave praise to Lee Ziemba and Tyronne Green when asked about them, and had a few more comments about the offensive line. Tuberville said that the schemes are simpler, but the system calls for more athletic linemen.

Will Muschamp had a successful two-year stint at Auburn, but Tuberville sounds excited to have Paul Rhoads as coordinator. As far as philosophy, Tuberville and Rhoads think a lot alike with a 4-3 base. One of the major goals for this season on the defensive side of the ball is cutting down on big plays, a normal occurrence under Muschamp.

Heisman Hero poster at SEC Media Days.

12:47 p.m.

*South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier said he believes the Gamecocks will be a more talented team in 2008. He noted that the lack of Gamecocks taken in recent NFL drafts shows the talent has not been what it needs to be, but projects there will be three to five players drafted in the coming years.

*Spurrier said he is excited about having Ellis Johnson, a South Carolina native, on board as defensive coordinator. He said the goal this year is to move USC into the top half of the league's defensive statistical categories.

*Talking about his son, Steve Spurrier, Jr., he notes that Steve Jr. will be the primary play caller this year, although the head coach will have input. He notes that his son has 11 years experience coaching on his dad's staff. go back to 1993 as a graduate assistant at Florida.

*The South Carolina head coach noted the Gamecocks are upgrading their facilities with a new weight room, new locker room and a new academic support facility.

*Spurrier got a big laugh when talking about what type of recruits he is looking for to bring into his program. He noted that it is tough to compete with his SEC East rivals Georgia, Tennessee and Florida for prospects. He compared recruiting to guys going after girls. "You have to do the best you can," he said.

*Spurrier said physically the Gamecocks will finally look like an SEC team when they run onto the field for pre-game warmups. In the past, that wasn't the case, he claimed.

*The coach said that he is still enjoying his job and has no intentions of retiring anytime soon.

*Spurrier said that Tommy Beecher has excellent potential to be the main man at quarterback. Spurrier said that Beecher can make all of the throws, he is a smart player and has outplayed Chris Smelley in practices.

*The coach noted that since the SEC added South Carolina and Arkansas to the league in 1992 and added divisional play, only half of the SEC East teams (Florida, Tennessee and Georgia) have reached the championship game, but five of six SEC West teams have gone. Ole Miss hasn't made the title game from the SEC West.

1:54 p.m. *Coach Bobby Petrino says the strength of his first Arkansas team will be on the offensive and defensive lines.

*A good passing QB has been the cornerstone of Petrino's college offenses. Casey Dick, who was not known as one of the SEC's better passing QBs last season, came out of the spring No. 1 and Petrino says he expects Dick to be the starter.

"He did a nice job of learning and working hard on understanding the offense," the coach says. "I thought he did a real nice job of getting to know the other side of the ball, understanding what defenses are trying to do, the differences in coverages, the difference in zone blitzes and man blitzes, and really performed well in our last two scrimmages and the spring game."

*The Razorbacks will be counting on a player from the state of Alabama to lead the wide receiver corps, London Crawford. "London is a guy that is big and very physical, is fast and is working real hard at getting better at running his routes and being consistent and catching the football," Petrino says.

*Asked if the negative publicity his much discussed divorce from the Atlanta Falcons caused, Petrino says he believes that he was able to overcome that on the recruiting trail. "We felt great about our recruiting class," he says. "I feel we went out and got the best players in the state of Arkansas to stay at home and come to the University of Arkansas. We have got some real special talent there.

"We are going to count on them right away to play," he adds. "We were also able to go out and hit some of the needs that we needed at other positions outside of the state and finished very strong, you know, in the recruiting process."

Petrino quitting the Falcons during the season was discussed with recruits. "It always came up in the home," Petrino notes. "There's no question about that, but I think when you sat down and visited with parents and probably told parents more than I've told any of you guys that, you know, the recruiting went well and it became a non-issue."

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