Bosley Likes Auburn's Offensive Front for '08

Auburn's starting center discusses the offense and his senior season as one of AU's represenatives at SEC Media Days.

Hoover, Ala.--Jason Bosley smiled when told there were twice as many centers as quarterbacks representing their teams at the 2008 SEC Football Days. Then the senior Auburn linemen concluded that is a good thing.

"I like it he says," noting that there are four centers who appeared at media days and just two quarterbacks. "It is kind of fun to be in the news a little bit.

"It just speaks to how centers are leaders on the offensive line, they are leaders on the offense and they are leaders on the team," he points out. "You have to be. You are the quarterback up front. Everybody does what you say.

"When we are at a meeting, Coach (Hugh) Nall will say, ‘You do what the center says. If he is wrong, he is going to get chewed, but if you do what somebody else says, you are going to get chewed so do what he says.' You are demanded to be a leader immediately."

Bosley says he likes the chances the Tigers will have a strong offensive line this year after not losing any starters to graduation.

"I think we have a chance to be really good," Bosley says. "At the end of last season, I think we were playing as well as anybody in the country.

"If you look at the statistics on how many sacks we gave up early, we were giving up four or five a game," he notes. "By the end of the season, we were giving up maybe one. Our pass protection was a lot better and we came off the ball really good at the end of the year last year, even in the bowl game. I think having everybody back is huge and I think it is really going to allow us to have a unit that can accomplish some good things."

On Friday the Tigers were picked to win the SEC West by the media with Florida picked to take the SEC East and win the overall conference title. Commenting on that, Bosley noted that the media got it right last year by picking LSU.

"That's cool and all, but at the same time you can't read into the preseason rankings too much," Bosley says of the respect his Tigers are getting, including a league-high nine preseason All-SEC team selections. "We haven't played a game yet so you have got to go to work and act like you are ranked last and not rest on your laurels although you were predicted to do well."

Looking at the big picture for the 2008 Tigers, Bosley says, "I think we have got as much talent as anybody in the SEC."

He says a key to success is avoiding injuries. "If we can stay healthy, I think we have a chance to be as good as we want to be, but it is like that with almost every team in this conference. We have to come to work and game in and game out focus on what we have to do. If we do that, I think we will be successful."

Other observations from the senior center at media days include:

*Commenting on the change to Tony Franklin's offense, he says, "The tempo is the big thing. It is so fast-paced you have got to be in great shape to run it. The techniques for the offensive line have changed a little bit. Other than that, for me, the biggest change is doing the cadence (snap count). I had never done that before."

*Commenting on his initial reaction when he found out in December that AU was changing offenses after coordinator Al Borges was fired, he says, "It was what are we are going to be doing because there a lot of different versions of the spread. When he (Franklin) came in and was so fast-paced like he was, I realized that this was going to be different than anything I have done. After we went through bowl practice and a bowl game, I became a believer that we could be successful."

*On calling the snaps instead of the QB, Bosley likes the idea because he notes that at really loud stadiums like LSU and Florida last year there was so much noise that he couldn't hear Brandon Cox's snap count at times.

*Bosley says he likes the 40-second clock. He notes last year at the bowl game the officials in Atlanta didn't get the football spotted quickly enough for the Auburn offense. He expects that to be less of a problem this season.

*Commenting on Kodi Burns, Bosley says that he likes the quarterback because he is a competitor who is a physical player and a "good leader."

*Bosley says from talking to Auburn fans that they are excited about seeing the new offense.

*The center predicts the Tigers will spread the football around to a lot of different players. He predicts as many as "15 or 16" guys will touch the football for the Tigers each game.

*Bosley says he believes that "the SEC is the best conference in the country by far" although he says some people out west or in the Big 10 country might not agree.

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