Monday Auburn Football Practice Notes Part 2

Notes and updates from Monday's practice for the Auburn Tigers.

*Several of the young defensive linemen had good days on the first day in shoulder pads. Defensive end Cameron Henderson was a fixture in the backfield during one-on-one pass rushing drills and easily defeated Andrew McCain on both occasions they went head to head. Fellow freshman Jomarcus Savage worked a stalemate against Lee Ziemba, but managed to flatten the big tackle on one pass rush to get accolades from his defensive teammates as well as Coach Terry Price.

*On the inside Sen'Derrick Marks continues to be a beast and had a great battle all day long with fellow All-SEC preseason selection Tyronne Green. That should be fun to watch all season long. As for the other guys both Zach Clayton and Mike Blanc are pushing Jake Ricks to the limit at the other position and right now both appear at least equal in the fight for the starting job.

*The quarterbacks and receivers continue to look good and one player in particular just continues to make plays. Freshman wide receiver Darvin Adams again had a big play in team drills on a beautiful throw from Chris Todd. Looking like Danny Weurffel to Reidel Anthony, the ball was thrown well before Adams made his break and the freshman adjusted to the ball to make the catch.

Quarterback Kodi Burns talks to coach Tommy Tuberville during a break at Monday's practice.

*Speaking of the offense, senior center Jason Bosley said following the practice that he thinks the unit is coming along nicely after just three days of practice. On the subject of playing two quarterbacks, he noted that he handles the cadence at the line of scrimmage so the offense doesn't have to get used to two different voices calling the snap count. Because of that he said it's sometimes tough to even know who is in the game because of the fast pace of the offense.

*Bosley was involved in the best altercation of the day as he tangled with linebacker Tray Blackmon during an inside running drill. A little out of character for Bosley, he said it's not something he enjoys doing mainly because it takes so long to get back the energy you expend during the altercation. He said the two are fine and that's just part of football.

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