Chemistry The Key for AU Offense, Green Says

Auburn senior guard Tyronne Green talks about preseason practice and Tony Franklin's offense.

Auburn, Ala.--Heading into the 2008 season one of the mainstays on offense for the Auburn Tigers is left guard Tyronne Green, a guy who quietly got his job done week after week last season as a junior.

A preseason All-SEC selection this year, Green started all 13 games for the Tigers last fall and has played in 30 games in his Auburn career. Because of that he's got a pretty good idea of how things go during preseason camp and he says so far he likes what he's seen out of the offense.

"The offense as a whole is getting some pretty good chemistry going," Green tells Inside the Auburn Tigers. "Everybody just has to keep fighting through the heat and the tempo of the offense and push through it. We just have to work at it so we can click on all cylinders.

"As an offensive line it's a lot more running for us," he says. "When we're feeling sorry for ourselves and kind of down, we've got to keep pushing through it to get better."

The running involved in Tony Franklin's offense is not just for the wide receivers and running backs as Green notes. As an offensive lineman in the spread offense, much is required as players run sometimes as much as 15 to 20 yards to make blocks on quick screen plays. Green points out because of that it has taken some getting used to even though they got a taste of things in spring practice.

"It's definitely different," Green says. "We had (Al) Borges' offense where we came off the ball and huddled up. It was slower and you huddled up between plays. This offense is no huddle and we go, go, go play after play. It's a lot more difficult to cope with this two-a-days, but it's not all bad."

While the offense wears down the offense, the trade off is that it does that and more to a defense that has to chase down the ball all over the field. Green adds that is something that gives the offense some extra incentive on those hot summer days during training camp.

"It's so up-tempo," Green says. "A lot of teams are going to the spread, but most of the teams in the SEC and around the country won't be that used to it. It definitely wears a defensive front down which will help the offensive line out on run and pass protection and hopefully to make big plays. I think as a whole it wears defenses out and helps us out in the long run."

Along with Jason Bosley, Green is one of just a handful of senior first-stringers on the entire Auburn team in 2008. Playing alongside three sophomores on the offensive line makes him a player others look up to when questions arise. While not an outspoken guy, Green notes he's trying to become more of a leader heading into his final season with the Tigers.

"It's my last go around," he says. "I like to be a leader, but I'm not really a vocal leader. I try to lead by my actions. We've got a pretty good core group within the offensive line. We've got a lot of guys who work hard. You don't have to really get after anybody. We all pick each other up. We're all pretty much leaders to get each other going and help each other out."

Tyronne Green is considered an NFL prospect as he heads into his senior season.

Picked to win the SEC West by the media and ranked in the Top 10 by several publications including a No. 7 ranking in a new poll by Sports Illustrated, Auburn is one of the interesting teams to watch this season even with new coordinators on both sides of the ball. Green says even with all the talk he knows it's going to take a lot of work for this team to live up to expectations this season, but all he can do is try to focus on the offense and help it become the best it can be in 2008.

"I'm looking for some good chemistry," Green notes. "Chemistry between the whole offense, receivers running the right routes and catching the ball, the offensive line opening up holes for our running backs to hit, and just all-around the run and pass game looking smoother so we can get ready going into our first game. We've got to start fine-tuning things and get ready for Monroe."

The Tigers open the season Augst 30th with a 6 p.m. kickoff vs. Louisiana-Monroe.

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