Franklin Still Undecided On Starting QB

Auburn offensive coordinator Tony Franklin talks about the battle between Kodi Burns and Chris Todd for the starting quarterback job.

Auburn, Ala.--The biggest question of the preseason for the Auburn Tigers will apparently remain unanswered fore a little while longer as the decision between Kodi Burns and Chris Todd for the starting quarterback job remains too close to call, according to offensive coordinator Tony Franklin.

"The only news I've got is that both of them will play just like I've told you before," Franklin said after Sunday evening's practice. "As far as who will start I don't know. They are both good.

"For me it's a very unique situation," he said. "I have never been in it before. I have never had anything like it before to where you've got two quality Division I quarterbacks that are both good leaders and both good players.

"Neither one of them have wilted under the pressure," he added. "They have both gotten better. As of right now and picking one and saying this guy is the starter, we haven't done that yet. We'll have somebody that will go out there first on Saturday, but the good thing is we've got Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. That's more time to put into it. We'll see what happens from there."

Even the first play won't necessarily mean either Burns or Todd won the starting job as Franklin said that could likely be determined by field position, the first play call or some other factor.

"It will be situational," Franklin said. "It could be something happens dynamic between now and Saturday and one of them emerges and shows some quality that we haven't seen that makes him the guy. That can be the case, too. They are both going to play and that's the most important thing. It will probably be more important as to who finishes the game rather than who starts the game."

At the moment the competition is still that as Franklin said he plans to tell the starter when he knows who it is. Because of that the players are still splitting reps equally in practice but doing it in an unusual way.

"Today when they went out there I didn't tell which one of them to go first," Franklin said. "They do that between themselves. The snaps and how they alternate the snaps, they do that between themselves. I just make sure by the end of the week they all get the quality of reps they've got to have.

"So far it has been a good problem to have," he added. "It's really not a problem. I can find no negatives in it at all, unless I made it negative and then it could be negative. I don't plan on doing that."

With plenty of practice time still left between now and Saturday's season opener against Louisiana-Monroe, there is still a chance that one of the quarterbacks could make a move and earn the starting nod. The bigger likelihood though is that Auburn will go into the game with the plan to play both as much as possible. Franklin said that could change though as he subscribes to the hot hand theory in this situation meaning who plays the best could make a move against the Warhawks.

"I think the flow of the game when we watch them play, that might kind of help determine that," Franklin said. "I would be surprised if they didn't play close to the equal amount of time. There could be a situation where one of them gets a hot hand and he may stay, but then again there have been days out here where one of them gets a hot hand and the other one comes in and his is hotter. I think they've both risen to each other's level of excellence."

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