Sunday Football Notes, Part 1

News, notes and quotes from Tommy Tuberville on Sunday.

Players of the Week
Offense: Jason Bosley
Defense: Jerraud Powers
Special Teams: Robert Dunn
Scout Offense: Anthony Jemison
Scout Defense: Jacob Shirey

Quoting Tommy Tuberville:

"We played much better than we did the week before. We've got a lot of work to do on both sides of the ball. We made too many mistakes in the second half. On defense, turnovers are obviously a key. We looked like a football team as far as attitude and personality.

"We made some foolish mistakes, but we also made some mistakes in terms of coaching, which we always do. I like the attitude of the team. We've still got an opportunity to get a lot, lot better going into the first conference game. We've got to have a good week of practice. There were no significant injuries in terms of guys might miss a game. We've got a lot of guys beat up, but that usually happens after a hard-fought game. Seventy plays of offense and 70 plays of defense. That's a long day for both sides, and our starters had to play a lot."

Tuberville on the quarterbacks:

"We've got two good guys. Chris (Todd) played pretty good. He's got a lot of room for improvement. Kodi (Burns) didn't get as much practice time last week and didn't have the opportunities. I look for him to fight, and fight hard. He will. He's got the capabilities of being an excellent quarterback and it gives you some opportunities. We'll keep working with him. We're just looking for that consistency from both of them. Chris had a good first half. In the second half he made a couple of plays, and some plays he didn't. We've got to have a quarterback that is going to play for four quarters. He'll obviously be the starter this week.

"You can't discount a competitive Kodi Burns, who has worked real hard to be the starter here, and he's been so close. It'll stay close. There won't be a lot of short leashes out there. If Chris were to go out and Kodi to go in, Kodi's going to have the ability to run the offense and show what he can do. We'll go from there."

Tuberville on the defense:

"The defense is playing well. They're playing with an attitude. We tackled much better this week. We went into the game wanting to stop the running game. I think we held them to 30 yards, which is outstanding. We're a much better defense at this point than we were at this point last year. The problem is depth in some areas. We played four defensive backs most of the game. We've got to start playing some of the younger players. That was an unusual game to play against another team that goes no huddle. I like the way we're tackling. We attacked the line of scrimmage pretty good and we're getting penetration. They hit us on a couple of plays in the second half and they got way too many yards in the last eight or nine minutes of the game. If we continue to stay health and play like that on defense, we can afford to make some mistakes on offense. But it sure would help if our offense will continue to improve."

On Mississippi State:

"I hadn't really seen them much on film. They're like us early in the year. We'll start working on them tonight. Right now we're still trying to work on what we're doing in terms of getting better, technique and fundamentals. We'll do that today. We're going to work more on our team than we're working on (game plan) for a team in the next few weeks. That's always been our attitude–try to make ourselves better in practice and read and react. We'll continue to do that."

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