Todd Hoping More Work Leads To More Success

Auburn starting quarterback Chris Todd talks about his new role and what he's looking for out of the offense.

Auburn, Ala.--Sunday was unlike any day this season for the Auburn Tigers as they went about their business with a starting quarterback for the first time since practicing for the Chick-fil-A Bowl in December. Chris Todd was named Auburn's starter after Saturday's win over Southern Miss and he said Sunday was a different day for him as well as the team.

"It was a little different," Todd says. "I don't know if I felt more comfortable or what, but we were still doing the same stuff. You still have to go about your practice the same way."

Winning the quarterback battle for now over Kodi Burns, Todd knows all too well what it feels like to be on the other end of that conversation. As a freshman at Texas Tech he lost out on a competition with Graham Harrell, something he said he can use to help Burns deal with the disappointment he's feeling at the moment.

"I have been through the same process he's going through and it's tough," Todd points out. "You just have to kind of keep going with it and keep trying to improve every day and just stay positive. I'm going to help him try to do that because I understand what the situation is. He's got a lot to offer. He just has to keep going."

This week Todd and the Auburn offense will try to improve on a better outing in week two of the 2008 season. Throwing for 248 yards and adding another 132 on the ground, the Tigers had drives of 73 and 64 yards end with fumbles in the first quarter before adding touchdown drives of 26 and 76 yards before halftime. Todd says while the Tiugers had a good start, he's looking for more consistency this week against Mississippi State.

"I definitely think there are still things I can improve on," Todd says. "I think we did a lot better offensively getting things rolling right off the bat. I think we did a better job of spreading the ball around to some guys and letting them make plays. We kind of kept the tempo up and I thought the offense responded well. There's still a lot of fundamental stuff and different things I saw throughout the game that I want to keep improving on and go back and work on."

With more of the work coming in practices and the chance to get all the early snaps in the games and find that ever elusive rhythm, Todd says he's looking forward to seeing how he and the offense progresses against Mississippi State this weekend.

"The more reps you get, the more plays you do, the better you'll be I guess," Todd says. "How he does it I don't know, but the more reps you can get the better it will help you out.

"It helps you personally because when you stay in there you get in a rhythm," Todd says of getting the bulk of the work. "You kind of get comfortable. That's the thing about this offense. A lot of times you can sit there and go stall, stall, stall and then something clicks and everybody gets rolling. You might score three or four touchdowns in a row. We got started pretty early in the game and moved the ball pretty well. I thought our rhythm was pretty good in the first game but it can still get better."

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