Bosley: Tigers Have Something Good Going

Senior Jason Bosley talks about his move from center to offensive tackle.

Auburn, Ala.--For two seasons and one game into his senior year, Auburn's Jason Bosley was the starting center for the Tigers and one of the key components on the offensive line.

Last week after struggling with some snaps in the shotgun because of a sore shoulder, Bosley was approached by offensive line coach Hugh Nall about a possible move and the rest, as they say, is history--very recent history in this case.

"It was Wednesday," Bosley notes. "Coach Nall came to me and said he wanted to switch me and Ryan (Pugh) and see how it goes. I did good out there Wednesday and Thursday in practice so we went with it."

Swapping positions with right tackle Ryan Pugh, Bosley got the start at tackle for the first time since his ninth grade season and if the first game is any indication it's a good move for Bosley and the offense. Grading 94 percent, Bosley earned SEC Offensive Lineman of the Week honors and says he thinks it's something that may stick.

"I think me and Ryan might move in and out a little bit for substitutions," Bosley says "I think I'm going to stay out there. It was fun. It was something different. I have been playing center for a few years. I just kind of look at it as a new challenge and I've got to learn how to do it and go after it."

While Bosley performed well at tackle, the biggest news may have come from having Pugh at center. Physically gifted at the position, Pugh brought a new flavor for the offense and coordinator Tony Franklin said both guys made the transition one that could pay off handsomely down the road.

"The biggest thing is that Pugh is just a better snapper," Franklin says. "It made our whole offense run better. The reads for the quarterbacks were better including in the run game. The zone reads were a lot easier. Bos did a great job at tackle. He's the ultimate team player. We walk up to him two days before and he said if it will help us win let's do it. That's what you need. You have 85 guys like that and you'll win every game."

Everything wasn't perfect for Bosley as he notes he messed up defending a few twists and blitzes by the defense, but those things are to be expected. Admitting to being very nervous before the game, he says working against Antonio Coleman in the pregame drills helped him to see he would be okay against the biggest question mark for any offensive tackle playing in the SEC.

"Just the speed off the edge," Bosley says. "The guys inside you're on them quicker and they are bigger but a little slower. When you're at tackle they are so quick off the edge you've really got to have good technique or you'll give up a sack. You're on an island all by yourself. You don't have much help."

With a game under his belt at tackle, Bosley says he's now ready to move into SEC play after a full week of practicing at the position. With the offense showing some improvement the Huntsville native says for him it's all about continuing to work hard and getting the job done.

"It's encouraging," he says. "It's all so new for me and the fact that I played pretty decent the first time is encouraging. I just have to keep going at it and keep getting better.

"We've got something good going here," he adds. "We've just got to keep getting better. Coach Franklin said we're about a fifth as good we can be. We've just got to keep getting better and realize the potential that we have. We have to keep working and everything else will take care of itself."

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