Burns Patiently Waiting His Turn

Auburn sophomore quarterback Kodi Burns talks about his role on the offense.

Auburn, Ala.--When Auburn takes the field Saturday night expect Chris Todd to still be the starting quarterback according to coach Tommy Tuberville. You can also expect Kodi Burns to be ready when and if his number is called by the coaching staff. Waiting patiently for his turn at the offense, Burns says right now that's all he can do.

"I have to be comfortable with whatever they do with me," Burns says. "They are the coaches and they know what is the best fit for the team. If they put me in (while the offense is) in the red zone then I've got to go out there and make the best of it. It's up to the coaches. It's their decision. As a team player and the guy I am, I can't be worried about when they're going to put me in. It's just the fact that if they put me in I have to be ready."

Saturday night the Tigers struggled on offense at times in a 3-2 win over Mississippi State. Despite moving the ball and hitting some big plays, Auburn couldn't get into the end zone, making for a frustrating night for Burns as he watched from the sidelines.

"I'm pretty sure it's frustrating for a lot of people including myself," Burns says. "You've got to just sit back and wait your turn and hopefully get a chance to go out there and make a play. Of course I wasn't able to play but we'll see about next week."

Will it happen this week is the burning question. Burns continues to get reps in practice with Todd getting the majority. Both Tuberville and Franklin have said they want to get Burns in the game in some capacity but at the moment Burns says he's not sure if it will be against LSU or not.

"I had no idea," Burns says. "It's just based off what the coaches want to do. I practiced almost like I've almost practiced. They just didn't put me in.

"Things haven't changed," he adds. "I'm working hard every day in practice and we'll see what's going to happen. If they put me in they put me in. If they don't they don't. I just have to stay ready and keep preparing as the backup."

The relationship between a coach and player is always an important one and especially so for a quarterback. Burns says he and Franklin get along fine and he understands that he must wait his turn to show what he can do as a quarterback for the Tigers.

"It's fine," Burns says of his relationship with Franklin. "We talk. It's just more like a business relationship, coach-player. I just have to respect every call that he makes and every move that he makes. That's part of being a player. He's the coach. He's been put in that position for a reason and I have to respect that. Whatever decisions he makes is what I have to go with."

No matter who the quarterback is against LSU, for the offense to be successful it will have to cut out the penalties and turnovers. Last week the Tigers had 315 yards of total offense and Todd was a solid 16-24 passing, but too many mistakes led to a rough night on the scoreboard. Burns says he feels like the offense is close to getting things going but they've got to clean things up for that to happen.

"I think it's just small things," Burns says. "If you noticed there were a lot of penalties. You can't shoot yourself in the foot like that. We had drives going and then you have a 10-yard penalty. That really changes the perspective of everything. You're not able to do the things that you want. Instead of having third and eight it's third and 18. That's a big difference."

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