O'Neill Ready For Official Visit To Auburn

St. Thomas Aquinas linebacker Conor O'Neill talks with Inside the Auburn Tigers about his upcoming official visit for the LSU game. O'Neill is one of six official visitors scheduled to be on campus.

ITAT: Are you coming up for an official visit this weekend?
O'Neill: I'm coming up Friday afternoon with my parents.

ITAT: Since you've been to Auburn before, what are you going to be looking at on this visit?
O'Neill: Definitely the atmosphere of the game. Just the whole game atmosphere and the atmosphere of the campus.

ITAT: Have you been in touch with the Auburn coaches?
O'Neill: I actually talked to Coach (Eddie) Gran Monday night. He just asked what our plan was and when we're stopping in. We're probably going to be getting in early in the afternoon on Friday. Hopefully we'll be able to watch the walk-through and relax.

ITAT: You mentioned your parents coming with you. How influential are they going to be in your decision?
O'Neill: My parents are definitely an influencing factor because they've been big influences on me my whole life. I think when it comes down to it, it's going to be up to me. My parents want me to be happy and this is where I'm going to be spending the next four or five years of my life.

ITAT: How was your trip to Clemson this weekend?
O'Neill: It was a great place. I really enjoyed my time up there and being my first ever college game. It was a great experience.

ITAT: How was the atmosphere?
O'Neill: It was great. On Saturday when I woke up on at 7:30 a.m. the fans were starting to park around the stadium and tailgate. The atmosphere inside the stadium was unbelievable. There were 80,000 people screaming and it was an awesome experience being able to go up there.

ITAT: Do you have an official lined up to Wisconsin?
O'Neill: I'm going in two weeks when they play Ohio State.

ITAT: Do you have any other official visits set?
O'Neill: Not yet. I don't think I'm going to be setting up any more, hopefully.

ITAT: Is it down to those three schools?
O'Neill: If another school offers, maybe they'll jump in depending on how much I like them. As of now it's those three schools that I'm set on.

ITAT: With Auburn and Wisconsin playing on ESPN this weekend, did you get a chance to watch either of those games?
O'Neill: Actually I did. On Saturday night we went out to dinner and watched the Auburn versus Mississippi State game. I watched Wisconsin/Fresno State and Ohio State/Southern Cal. We were split between all three of those.

ITAT: What were your impressions of the Auburn game?
O'Neill: If it wasn't for their defense they wouldn't have been able to stay in the game. Neither team could really get momentum offensively and Auburn's defense definitely stuck it out and gave it to Mississippi State.

ITAT: I heard you guys started the season 2-0. Have you played any more games?
O'Neill: We're still 2-0. We've had back-to-back bye weeks and our next game is next week. The season is going well. We're working hard every day and slowly getting better each practice.

ITAT: Do you think the team is shaping up to be as good as it's been the last couple of years?
O'Neill: I believe that right now our defense is better situated than we were last year even though we have a lot more youth on our team defensively this year. I believe we're much more athletic, we're faster and I believe we're playing with great heart. That always helps.

ITAT: Do you know any of your stats?
O'Neill: No, I haven't been checking up on stats this year.

Official visitors this weekend:
Conor O'Neill
Shane Gordon
Aaron Moore
Steve Jacques
Montez Robinson
Jared Wheeler

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