Franklin Says Blame Him for Loss to LSU

Comments from Auburn's offensive coordinator Tony Franklin are featured.

Auburn, Ala.--Auburn's offense improved over its anemic performance a week earlier at Mississippi State, but that was little consolation for offensive coordinator Tony Franklin.

Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville said he thought AU's new coordinator called a good game in Auburn's 26-21 loss to LSU on Saturday night. Franklin begged to differ.

"I don't think you ever call a good game when you lose," he said. "If we had won I would have felt pretty good about it, but we lost. I should have found a way to get some first downs with four minutes to go in the game and take it down and score again and we wouldn't have to worry it. We couldn't do it so it was a failure on my part. Not a very good job."

The Tigers did most of their offensive damage in the air with Chris Todd hitting 17-32 passes for 250 yards and one TD with two picks. Auburn ran for just 70 net yards on 36 carries.

Commenting on Todd's play, Franklin said, "You can never grade it until you watch the film. It was gutty. He performed hard, he played hard, he did things better than he did last week. He pulled the ball on the zone read some and made some plays--at least they had to honor him some. I thought that would open a little bit of our run game, but it didn't.

"He made some throws," Franklin added. "I was on him all week about throwing the ball on time on the cuts and that probably cost him on the pick when he was throwing the ball to (Robert) Dunn. Dunn cut it at a low angle and Chris thought he was going to cut it at a high angle. If I had stayed off his butt about it this week, he would probably would have had a little longer and probably would have had a completion instead of an interception so it was my fault."

Commenting on the running game, Franklin said, "It stunk. We couldn't run the football. We kept trying to force it. It looked like we had some things. The numbers were good a lot of times, we just couldn't run. I don't know until I watch film and see what the problems were."

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