Marks Moving Forward After Loss

Auburn junior Sen'Derrick Marks talks about the loss to LSU and getting ready for Tennessee.

Auburn, Ala.--Saturday night in a 26-21 loss to LSU, the Auburn Tigers took a 14-3 advantage into the locker room at halftime only to see it slip away with the visitors scoring the winning touchdown with just over one minute left. Playing in a game many said may determine who gets to Atlanta, junior Sen'Derrick Marks says while it was difficult to deal with it's something you just have to let go and move on.

"It was real tough," Marks says. "It usually comes down to whoever wins that one usually goes on to win the West. It was a tough fight. We knew we had a lot of mistakes. We watched the film and a lot of things they had success on was things we lined up wrong. It's tough to swallow. Once you get through the film the game is over with. We're not worried about it any more."

One of the reasons for Marks and the Tigers to be able to put the game behind them is because all they have to do it look at LSU for the reasons why you keep playing the game. Last season LSU had one loss heading into the SEC's final game against Arkansas, lost it and still managed to not only play for the SEC title but win the national championship.

"This is the toughest conference in college football," Marks says. "Last year when LSU went on to win the national championship even though they lost to Arkansas and Kentucky when nobody was expecting it. We play in a tough conference. You're going to get beat up every week. We're just going to continue going on and playing strong."

After giving up 178 yards rushing to LSU last week in the loss, Auburn will again face a powerful rushing attack from Tennessee led by senior Arian Foster. This season Foster has 233 rushing yards on 39 attempts and is a bruising back at well over six feet and 230 pounds. Marks says because of that Auburn needs to shore up its problems stopping the run before the Vols come to town.

"It's the same thing that Charles Scott brought to the table," Marks says. "If he ever got past the front seven or even the front four it's always tough to bring big guys like that down. They run with power behind them. We have to get them down before they can get to our secondary and get yards. We've got to pride ourselves on stopping the run like we've been doing."

While Marks says he's watched Tennessee play football since he was little, this will be the first time he's had the pleasure of taking on the Vols in a game. With the rotating schedule in the SEC this is the first meeting between the two schools since Auburn won the SEC Championship in 2004. Marks says even though it's different it doesn't change things because it's still a game you've to win if you hope to keep your championship dreams alive.

"It's going to be different," Marks says. "It's a team in the SEC that I've never had the chance to play against. The only thing that won't be different is that I'm going to go out and do the same things I have been doing. I just want to go out and play my type and the Auburn type of football."

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