Tuberville Talks About AU's QB Situation

Auburn head football coach Tommy Tuberville gives his comments on his QBs and Auburn's victory over Tennessee.

Auburn, Ala.--Tommy Tuberville didn't say if Kodi Burns did enough to merit the starting job at quarterback for the Auburn Tigers, but he did say to look for the sophomore in action next week's game at Vanderbilt.

"I am going to look at it," Tuberville said of the QB situation. Chris Todd started Auburn's 14-12 win over Tennessee and Burns finished the game.

"Tony (Franklin) did a good job," Tuberville said of Auburn's offensive coordinator and QB coach. "I thought he put Kodi in at the right time at the end of the first half and gave us a shot in the arm and got the fans back into the game. It was a good move on him and a very gutsy move to put him in right there at the end.

"The quarterback-center exchange is very interesting when you do a lot of shotgun," Tuberville said. "There is some underneath the center and he handled it well. Again, we didn't play well enough on offense. We would like to have had some plays back, but you have to give them credit. They came in and played hard. They run well on defense and make some plays.

"With the quarterbacks, we will look at that tomorrow. We will probably continue to use both as we did today. I liked the Mario Fannin set. I thought that will give us some plays down the line. We are just looking for ways to move the ball down the field and keep defenses off balance."

Commenting on his offense, that gained just 226 yards, Tuberville said, "The offense always concerns you but you have to look at who you are playing, too. We are playing some pretty good defenses. Those guys on the other side can play. This conference on defense is really good. We played a real good one last week. We played a good one the week before and this week, we played another good one.

"There are times that we just shoot ourselves in the foot. It is not what they do, it is us. We have to continue to worry about what we do and keep tweaking our offense trying to find things that are going to help us. About half the time out there tonight, we looked pretty good. About half the time, we struggled.

"Again, sometimes when your defense is playing the way they are playing, your offense just has to make a first down or two and punt the ball away. That is basically what we did tonight in the second half."

Wide receiver Robert Dunn caught a 39-yard pass for Auburn's only offensive score of the game.

Commenting on the game that improved Auburn to 4-1 overall and 2-1 in the SEC, Tuberville said, "It was a good win--a great win. It is hard to imagine two defenses would play like that and how we were inconsistent in a lot of ways, but we found a way to win. That's exactly what you have to do. You have to find a way to win sometime.

"In the second half defensively, I thought was about as good a effort that I have ever seen other than about two plays. Their punter kept us in a hole all night. We had no field position, but we found somehow some way to get the ball out enough and give our defense room to breathe. We all know that wasn't a pretty game, but we are going to get better. After last week, we didn't talk about it a whole lot, but I just told the team and we didn't talk about the emotions of games, but I could tell all through the week that it was going to be like pulling teeth getting into this ball game.

They laid it on the line last week, but today they did the same thing. At times, we didn't have a lot, but they gave all they had. It was a win over a good team that came in. Their back was against the wall like ours, and I thought our defense obviously rose to the occasion and got after it.

"We made a tremendous amount of mistakes," Tuberville said. "As you noticed on offense, we are moving it around a little bit and making some changes. We are doing all that we can possibly do to get more rushing yards. We still didn't get 100 yards today. It is going to cost us if we don't work and get better running the ball.

"I thought Chris (Todd) played well at times throwing the football, and he struggled," Tuberville said. "He made some good decisions. The one on third and nine with the interception, he would love to have that one back. I thought Kodi (Burns) coming in at the end of the first half, he did an excellent job keeping them off balance and making some plays. That's what Kodi can do. Of course, at the end of the game, the third and five pass was outstanding and gave us the win and put us over the top.

"There are a lot of good players on this team and a lot of heart," Tuberville said. "We can win a lot of games if we can continue to play like that. As we all watched that game, we have to improve and improve quite a bit in a lot of places to have a chance to continue to win. I am proud of them, and I am proud of the coaches. After last week, I am proud of the fans with the way they came back and supported us. We just have to go back tomorrow and get better."

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