Frustrating Time for AU Offense

Auburn players Tommy Trott and Mario Fannin talk about their team's offensive woes.

Auburn, Ala.--If you ask Auburn football players what is wrong with their 2008 offense, they won't put the blame on the quarterback play or on new coordinator Tony Franklin. Instead, the Tigers note that everybody on their side of the ball has contributed to the sluggish start.

With just three offensive touchdowns the last three weeks and averaging 329.4 yards per game in total offense this season, Auburn has been offensive for the most part trying to put points on the board. Junior Tommy Trott says that's not what he expected coming into the season, but says there is a simple answer to the problems on offense.

"It has definitely been frustrating so far," Trott says. "It has worked everywhere it has been. It worked at Troy and against the teams that Troy played like Georgia and Florida. We know it works.

"Watching the film it's usually just one little thing every play. It may be a backside block not being finished and we're chased down from the back side. I dropped a ball and we had a few drops. Plus all the penalties. That stuff has to stop. If we could sustain a drive and not keep getting penalties the outcome would be different."

Tommy Trott has six catches for 63 yards this season.

Expected to be one of the major players on offense for the Tigers this season, Trott has just six catches for 63 yards in five games. The same is true of sophomore Mario Fannin. After failing to touch the ball against LSU, Fannin responded with a solid game against Tennessee on Saturday. While things were better for Fannin, he said overall he's still waiting for the offense to find its rhythm.

"It's kind of frustrating, but at the same time you can't let it frustrate you," Fannin says. "We all bought into it. We've just got to fix the little things. As Coach has said we're real close and we've had some good drives. We have drives that we don't finish. We watched film and that's something we saw. We're moving the ball. We finish and complete drives and we'll see the nature of this offense."

Auburn's success in the first half of games has been something to build on and that continued on Saturday. Against the Vols the Tigers had 151 yards the first 30 minutes and just 75 yards after the break. Trott points out that's something that has to change if they hope to see improvement heading into the homestretch of the schedule.

"In the last game we looked awful in the second half," Trott notes. "We've just got to come out of halftime ready to play. We moved the ball pretty good our first two possessions. We moved down the field on the first one and had a flag. On the second we scored a touchdown. We've just got to stop shooting ourselves in the foot."

The next chance to get it right will be on Saturday as the Tigers travel to Vandy.

"We're waiting on it to break out," Trott says. "We think it's going to. We know it's going to. We're going to have a good offense. We've got players. It's a good system and a good scheme. We just have to start playing.

"Honestly, I thought it was going to be this past week," he adds. "I thought that was our week to bust open. I really liked some of the things we were going to do against a good Tennessee defense. I'm going into this game the same way that we're going to bust out this weekend."

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